Indonesia is nestled within the world’s largest archipelago and boasts over 17,500 islets. Indonesia is an unrivaled dream destination for beach bums

If you’re craving to explore Indonesia, far from the crowds that overflow the beautiful Bali, here is a list of equally capturing beaches dotted across the country;

Pink Beach, Lombok

Situated at the edge of Sekaroh, a small remote fishing village within Jerowaru district. This beach is a little off the trodden path which makes it perfect if you want to enjoy some sun and sand in a secluded location.

Right at the edge of the shoreline, there is a rock that slightly juts into the ocean where you can hike to have a picturesque view of the pink(ish) beach, and the two adjourning bays in the area.



Poto Jarum Beach, Moyo Island, Sumbawa

For another breathtaking beach with fewer crowds, Poto Jarum which is within a protected area in Moyo Island is also a great option.

Here, you can enjoy the graduation of colors from pristine white sand on the beach to deep blue and turquoise in the ocean.

Despite its hidden location, this beach is worth the hassle as it offers tranquillity, calm waters, and powdery sand. This makes it great for someone who wants to relax under the sun or explore the quiet deep waters.



Ai Lemak Beach, Sumbawa

Found in the Tanjung Menangis area approximately 30 minutes from Sumbawa Besar town, Ai Lemak is a hidden gem where you can have a lot of fun both in the waters and at the beach.

Thanks to the clean waters, diving, and snorkeling are great ways to come up close with the local marine life. You can swim or lay lazily on the beach.

With its two signature mangrove trees sticking out from the ocean just a few meters from the beach, Ai Lemak offers a beautiful spot for those perfect shots.

If you’re staying in the area, this beach is one of the best places to catch those magical sunsets.



Poto Batu Beach, Sumbawa

Located in the Taliwang area, Poto Batu is one of those hard to spot but among the most awe-inspiring beaches in the region.

Poto Batu is situated just a few miles from a residential area, which means it gets frequented by a few locals which makes it a little bit lively and not deserted.

The laid-back vibe on this beach beacons all travelers to kick back and relax while the many traditional boats at the shores are ready for you to explore the ocean.

There is a rock jutting out of the ocean where during low tide, you can hike up and take in the views of the ocean.




Sangelo Beach, Sumbawa

Probably the most undiscovered, and underdeveloped beaches in Indonesia. Santangelo Beach is one of the best places to escape to if you want to dodge the crowds

Although this beach is mostly unheard of, especially for tourists and locals coming from other areas, the Sangelo waterfall which is roughly a 25 minutes trek from the beach is pretty popular.




Kertasari Beach

Located in the northwest part of Taliwang, Kertasari is a long stretch of spectacular white sand beach lined by surf breaks that makes this area a favorite spot among local surfers.

Kertasari Beach is a great place to visit for water sports activities such as surfing and swimming. You can enjoy beach hopping as there are other small, unspoiled beaches. You can easily take a short motorbike ride to the north.

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