We would perish in this world if we traveled to a city that had no coffee shops . This is why it was important to locate a few coffee shops in Cape Town City Centre during one of my solo trips. A few of the coffee shops became my favorite spots and were added to the repeat list.


Café Terrace

Located at the luxurious Labotessa hotel, here you will be treated to a really delicious all-day breakfast. Trust their baristas to go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and well taken care of at all times and if you intend to stay throughout the day, you may enjoy some lunch and a drink or two (alcoholic of course ). You will find their garden to be really beautiful and perhaps enjoy some really fresh air if you opt to sit outside.


Swan Café

Who needs to fly to Paris to enjoy savory galettes when Swan Café is just located in the City Centre of Cape Town? Well save your money and walk into this café and enjoy some coffee served with a choice of your own galettes.  If you have books you do not need anymore, feel free to leave them at swan café as they run a book exchange program, who knows, you might also be lucky and walk out of this café with a new book.

Truth Coffee

If you search for some of the best coffee shops in Cape Town, Truth Coffee will definitely make it into the list. This is one of the most famous Coffee shops in Cape Town. This is not one place where you may expect some quiet space, it is one of the busiest coffee shops in the city and in most cases filled to capacity.

You will enjoy some smoothies, and great coffee and you may get the opportunity to connect with other tourists. Expect really great service.

Shift Espresso Bar

Located in the City Centre of Cape Town, you will enjoy some delicious breakfast, great Coffee, and some really good green juice which I highly recommend if you are keen to have glowing skin and ginger shots and if you love reading, this is the best place to spend the day reading while listening to some really cool music. They have a dedicated bookshelf for their coffee lovers so even if you may have forgotten to pack books, you will not run short of anything to keep you entertained.