Boutique hotel Cape Town city center became a surprise topic.  As I was strolling around town aimlessly, I found myself feeling hungry. I decided to just walk into any food cafe. And boy did I discover myself in the middle of such a luxurious hotel. 

Cape Town’s versatile ability to cater to everyone’s travel preferences is one of the amazing qualities of the city. The city has the ability to accommodate everyone from backpackers to even the most luxurious tourists. This may be one of the reasons why three different people may travel to the city and leave you wondering if they were in the same city.


Often city centers in most cities are well known for offering affordable and decent accommodation. It is rare to locate a luxurious hotel in the city center. Located just in the city center within a walking distance of Cape Town’s parliament, Labotessa Boutique hotel will treat you to luxury accommodation in the city with a full daily breakfast.



One thing that stands out at the Labotessa hotel is the amount of thought that went into its interior décor.  My first thought when I saw their stunning rooms was that they might have possibly hired an interior designer with extensive experience. Only to discover that the owner was responsible for all the work that went into their interior space.

If you love the concept of chilling in a coffee shop while you relax and perhaps catch up on your reading, this hotel has a coffee shop known as Café Terrace.  The coffee shop has outstanding service and overall delicious food.

And perfume lovers will be pleased to know inside the hotel, there is a perfumed garden. You can purchase Italian-inspired fragrances.

Labotessa Hotel goes out of its way to take care of its guests. If you would like to be picked up from the airport you can make the necessary arrangements with the hotel.  While you stay with them, they have a shuttle service to the V&A waterfront. You can shop till you drop and enjoy some food from some of the amazing restaurants in Cape Town.

The best part about this hotel, is you do not need to wake up early for fear of missing breakfast. They serve breakfast the whole day.

So if Luxury and City life speaks to you, check yourself into this stunning hotel and enjoy some peace in the mother city.