We were getting coffee in the canteen at work on a day I had decided to go make up free. I usually spend most of my days with make-up but on that day I really felt exhausted to do it all. So while I and a colleague had a chat about how amazing her skin was, I raised my own skin concerns which were that it was dry and had a lot of dark spots. One reason it was dry was really my own fault, I would cleanse my skin and use a toner and apply make-up right away without any moisturizer or sunscreen.

I do not particularly have problematic skin, besides a few dark spots from a breakout every once in a while. So the conversation ended with my colleague inquiring about my skincare routine and when I told her what it was, she immediately pointed out that I needed a serum and a good moisturizer. The serum would be to treat the dark spots and the moisturizer would be to keep my skin moisturized to avoid dryness. Being the inquisitive person I am, I immediately searched online what would be the best serum and I really couldn’t find anything specific.

So I decided to go shopping one afternoon and ended up at clicks and felt the need to really just search for something I could try out and I found it. My skin has improved so much since I started using this skincare routine and I only have positive things to say about it. So I have decided to share this combination, noting that everyone has a different skin type so it is also important to know your skin type and skin problems you are trying to address. This one combination is for someone who doesn’t really have big skin problems and is just really trying to get a moisturized and blemish-free skin.


I use Eucerin’ Dermo purifying cleanser for washing my face. I find that it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and does a really wonderful job at leaving my face well cleansed. It is also a great cleanser for oily skin and it does this without leaving your skin feeling dry.


Sometimes a face wash is not enough to remove all the dirt on the face so it is important to always use a toner after you’ve cleansed your face for that final feeling of a really clean face. So the Eucerin toner smells so good which just makes the experience really divine.


Due to the dark spots left behind when I popped all the pimples each time I had a breakout even against the best advice not to, I had to find something that would assist in fading the dark marks. I have no one to blame about this besides myself, I knew better not to pop the pimples but I did it anyway. Which to this day, I have completely stopped. This serum has really provided me the best results so far. It is important to note that when it comes to skin treatment, the results are not overnight so patience and consistency are key.


Neutrogena has a complete range of Hydro boost products from a face cleanser, serum, and sunscreen. For me, it was their day moisturizer that really got my attention because there is an option for a fragrance-free one. This keeps my skin well moisturized throughout the whole day without leaving it with a shiny effect or a matte finish. So this is a well-balanced moisturiser.


Well, who would have thought the sun has such a terrible effect on the skin? Exactly, not me. I love the sun, just walking outside and getting some warmth changes my mood completely. I had no idea that the very same sun that gives me so much warmth was also a threat to my skin. It doesn’t end there, not only do you need to apply sunscreen when you go outside, even indoors your skin needs some SPF 30+. Dermatologists swear by a good sunscreen. Since I started using sunscreen, I experience fewer breakouts and my skin has immensely improved with some dark spots fading away completely. And the glow on my skin would make you think I am in love but it’s just the skincare routine I am applying.

Remember it is also important to identify your skin problems to get the right products and in case of severe skin problems I would really recommend setting an appointment with a dermatologist.