In the past years, solo travel wasn’t an atypical way of going on an expedition. Though it might still seem blood-curdling and unusual for some. In recent years traveling alone has spiked in popularity.

If you’re still on a dilemma wondering why you should even give this groovy way of traveling a change here is a list of the top benefits of solo travel;

Enjoy absolute freedom 

Have you ever wanted to visit a new destination and your family or friends would rather go to Disney land for the third year in a row? It can be frustrating!

The beauty of any travel experience is indulging in activities that you care about. But if you’re traveling in a group most of the time you’ll have to compromise and settle for the majority’s predilection.

If you’re brave enough to book that trip as a solo traveler, you’ll only have to answer one question; ‘what do I want?’

Sometimes it’s a tough one to answer. If answered right it paves the way to some of the most rewarding experiences in life.

Whether you’re a social person or a complete introvert, solo travel gives you absolute freedom to be yourself and do whatever you want, when you want to.

It’s easier to create an itinerary

Traveling with friends or family creates indelible memories. The truth is, it’s rather challenging to visit attractions of your choice when everyone has their preferences.

Traveling alone conversely entails meeting your own goals and expectations. You can tick your favorite destinations off your bucket list without feeling guilty of wandering off from your group.

Plus, you also get an opportunity to explore the less trodden paths. You can also alter your itinerary on the go without inconveniencing anyone.

It’s easier to stick to your budget 

Solo traveling is believed to bear a heftier price tag particularly because transport, meals, and lodging bills can’t be split among other travelers. In addition, there are loads of group deals in flights, resorts, and even eateries.

However, if you plan well in advance, you can turn your solo odyssey into a money-saving getaway.

For instance, you can remain open with destinations that will give you the luxury of grabbing last-minute deals. And since you’d be traveling alone packing up and leaving in hours is an attainable goal.

Know yourself better 

Any sort of traveling will inevitably help you understand yourself better but the easiest route to ‘finding yourself’ is going solo.

Not only will it push you off your comfort zone and help you realize a side of yourself that you’ve never known, but you also have enough ‘me time’ for soul searching.

You’ll know your true personality, have clarity, and have an opportunity to be your true self. You never, know it’ll probably take a single solo trip to find answers that would lead you to your purpose.

Enhance self-reliance

Nothing boosts your self-confidence like traversing unfamiliar territories alone.

Figuring out things on your own and navigating different cultures will enhance your self-reliance not to mention amplifying your sense of responsibility.

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