Located just an hour’s drive from Pretoria or Johannesburg, Magaliesberg is the perfect weekend getaway from the buzzing sounds of the city. You can enjoy some quiet time and take a break from the ever-rushing city life.

Though you may want to spend the weekend cuddled up in bed just listening to the sounds of the birds, it might do you good to actually try some of the cool activities offered in the area.  Packed with adventurous activities, be sure to pack your hiking boots, tights and sneakers.

I have always lived up to my dramatic reputation in my group of friends. I  packed high heels which were unnecessary. I wore them when we were heading to Zip lining at the Magaliesberg Canopy tours. I ended up wearing the driver’s sneakers which were oversized. Don’t feel sorry for me I exhibit a sense of unnecessary drama everywhere. Before wasting time, let’s get on to the stuff you can get up to while you are in Magaliesberg.

Hiking At Kgaswane Nature Reserve

Hiking is good for clearing your mind of all the stress we endure while living our day-to-day lives. So go outside, catch some sun while enjoying amazing views.  You do not need to be an expert to hike at this reserve. They have hiking trails suitable for both beginners and the advanced. The majority of the trails are out in the open so you know the rules, grab that sun hat, sunscreen, and water.

There is an entrance fee which you pay at the gate. It seems we can’t even enjoy mother nature for free anymore oops. Anyways make sure you carry cash with you as some of these facilities may not accept cash. The entrance fee is R40 for adults (around $3 for my international friends ).


Ziplining at Magaliesberg Canopy Tours

If you belong to a group of friends who are afraid of heights, you might want to ditch them and find people who are as fearless as you are to even think of embarking on this activity. But trust me, in my group of friends we have never allowed anyone to worship their fears so we force each other to do the wild crazy kind of activities which turns the evening conversations into greater laughter.

The price per person is around R695 which is around $50, this includes transportation to the start of the ziplines and lunch which is served after completion of the activity. This activity will warm your eyes with amazing views. There are dedicated guides to support you all the way and they throw in some jokes while at it, you are certainly going to enjoy yourself.  And whilst at it, leave your fear of heights somewhere else, you won’t need it for this activity.

Self Care Sunday Massage at the Sparkling Waters Hotel

It just so happened that my friends and I were staying at this hotel and they had a spa. So we planned a self-care Sunday and got ourselves treated to a massage. This turned out to be the best decision of the entire weekend. The Sparkling Waters Hotel has some Bali vibe to it and the staff is amazing