Heartbreaks are the worst but the good news is, they do heal with time.  Also, they give you the perfect time to reinvent yourself. Here is a list of books to read when heartbroken that can help lighten up your days when your heart is shattered.

They might make you tear up, break down even but in the end, you’ll be empowered, and ready to bounce back better than you’ve ever been.

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

At a first glance, Liz Gilbert had it all – an awesome career, a house, and a husband but like most people, she was deeply unhappy.

Newly divorced she decides to step out of her comfort zone and embark on a year-long self-discovery journey. During her voyage, she unearths the magic of food in Italy, the importance of prayers in India, and finally, the thrills of falling in true love in Bali.

But most importantly, this true story will change your mindset concerning happiness – it’s a matter of choice and a personal effort. You should seek it even if it means traveling to the four corners of the earth to find it.

Tiny beautiful things by Cheryl strayed

Cheryl Strayed’s amazing book Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar is a great read.

It’s essentially a collection of pieces culled from Strayed’s anonymous advice column on The Rumpus, an online literary journal.

Therein you’ll find the most practical advice from real-life scenarios.

Option B by Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg is best known for her book Lean In but Option B, which is co-authored with Adam Grant, is probably one of the most comforting books to read when you’re heartbroken. The book is packed to the brim with advice on how you can survive a grieving moment.

It gives you hope and enlightenment especially when you’re lost in confusion in the wake of a tragedy – whether you’re the one at loss or you’re a friend to someone suffering a loss.

In short, this book will help you master resilience and bounce forward happier a lot quicker.

Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

The power of ‘NO’ has always been emphasized. But do you say enough ‘YES’ to life? Despite being a famed television producer, Shonda Lynn Rhimes’ life was apparently far from glitz and glamour.

She hardly socialized, was a workaholic, and she would mostly say no to parties – until her sister told her ‘you never say yes to anything’ – words that would end up changing her life forever.

She was challenged to say yes to everything for a year and this was the genesis of her transformation. With an entire year of saying yes to things that scare you the most, you might bag lots of life-changing lessons.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

With a quest to escape a life that was seemingly tumbling apart Cheryl Strayed narrates her rather epic experience of braving through temperatures of over 100 degrees on the Modoc plateau and under zero snowy weather in the High Sierra.

She desperately wanted to find herself, so Cheryl solo- hiked the Pacific Crest Trail for three months covering 1,100 miles. With her novice-level hiking skills, the story within this book is both entertaining and harrowing.

The giver of stars by Jojo Moyes

From the author of the popular Me Before You, Jojo Moyes, this book tells a tale of friendship, companion, justice, and sacrifice.

But most importantly it shows the potential books can have to bridge the barrier of social class and male chauvinism.

Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown

Everyone desires to be part of something bigger than themselves. But in Braving the Wilderness, Brene Brown dares you to bravely stand alone instead of trying to fit in.

After chasing this fundamental need for years with no success Brene, shares her own story as she teaches how you can avoid falling into a rut and find true belonging through authenticity, bravery, trust as well as vulnerability.

You Are Bad Ass how to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life

Have you ever wondered if there is a step-by-step guide on how you can achieve your wildest dreams? Well, apparently there is!

After all, everything you desire to achieve in life already exists.

In this book, Jen Sincero uses the law of attraction to show you that everyone has what it takes to succeed and have everything they ever want as long as they believe enough.

Women who love too much by Robin Norwood

Do you repeatedly get drawn to emotionally unavailable men? If you associate being in love with pain then this book might just be what you need.

The celebrated relationship and marriage therapist, Robin Norwood elucidates in this book that loving too much is a pattern of behavior and thoughts which some people develop as a result of a problematic childhood.

Such women will find themselves falling in love with destructive and abusive partners time and again.

If you’ve obsessed over an undeserving man before, this book is the perfect help you need to guide you on why and how to flee from this despair.

A dream of Italy by Nicky Pellegrino

Uplifting and incredibly fun A dream of Italy is a story of three individuals eager to hit a restart button in their lives.

And with an offer to own a home for only one Euro in a ghosted town of Montenello, southern Italy the three characters are ready to drop everything and start over in life.

But can a destination really give you fulfillment in life? Dig deep in this book to find out!


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