We all have stories to share about planning a group vacation that might have never materialized.  The amount of interest shown from the beginning of the planning stages suddenly turning into silence and excuses towards the execution stage.  Yes, we have all been down that road and nothing is as disappointing as getting excited over travel plans that never come to fruition.

But worry no more because I am here to guide you out of that miserable group of people who don’t show up when they make plans.  It won’t be long before you strategically exit a group of people who excel in no-shows and start living your best life.

If ever you were to find yourself in a group of no-shows when it comes to planning trips, let me tell you a few things to do before you make any plans with this group of people.


Only Agree to plans that interest You

This will help you continue planning even when the so-called mates decide to bail out. If you are invited to a trip and the idea of being at a new place excites you then you can definitely agree to group plans. Even if they bail out on you, you continue to make plans and visit places that are of interest to you.


Book your flights and accommodation

The worst part about group vacations is when bookings ought to be made, this is usually a time where everyone is suddenly waiting for next month or next year, I mean you will hear excuses after excuses but don’t let that deter you from your plans, go ahead and book your flights and accommodation as if you were to embark on a journey alone. If you are worried about whether or not you will enjoy the trip alone, read on about the benefits of solo travel here


Your trip is finally here, now off you go and live your best life

You deserve it for prioritizing yourself and setting aside people’s excuses and focusing on accomplishing your travel goals. Now sip on some cocktails, be a beach bum, go hiking, visit museums, do a city tour, go clubbing, listen just do whatever you can to enjoy yourself and while at it, meet new and exciting people like yourself and form friendships with people who show up for their travel plans.


Don’t Forget to Send Your Friends Pictures

Get on that modeling pose game and take some amazing pictures and share with your friends who decided to bail out on you. Anything to piss off the no-shows right, yeah I know it is another level of pettiness but let it play out in the field and we approve over here.