With all the change that has transpired in the world, one thing that has undoubtedly managed to reveal itself in our lives in the most aggressive way is continuously feeling down, the complex emotions that we are battling to understand, at times we are even struggling to identify them. Still, out of nowhere, we are in some blah moments.

Lately, most of us have been moving through our days feeling numb, joyless, and lacking inspiration to even show up to some of the things we are fully aware of, bringing us back to ourselves. If it isn’t the suddenly heightened repeat of a movie or a song, it is finding yourself awake in the middle of the night knowing well that you will stay like that till the sun rises.

Feeling down is a very much part of our lives, and at times we cannot throw some positivity at it to go away or suddenly disappear. There are a few things you can try to get yourself in a better state, but I still encourage you to give yourself time to step out of this feeling fully.


Please identify what you are feeling and name it.

We have a habit of treating our negative emotions as a nuisance, and Lord knows how hard we try not to identify and name them all in the act of fake positivity. Emotions require to be felt, no matter how hard they seem to be. Allow yourself to feel and name whatever you are feeling. If it is sadness, allow yourself to call it. You are not weak or negative for acknowledging that even the most unwelcome emotions are a part of who you are.

As hard as it may seem to acknowledge how you are feeling at the moment, do it. Naming an emotion, notably a negative one lessens its intensity, and you may feel a sense of relief. You can read more about calling your feelings on the Study on Naming emotions.

Write your thoughts in a journal.

If you enjoy writing, not that you need to be an expert, you can set some time aside and pen down your thoughts. This can offer some form of relief if you are feeling overwhelmed. Consider this as a sounding board for you to vent. There are also other things you can journal about.

Some of which include journaling about what you are grateful for, your daily affirmations, and recording some of the things that brought you joy on a particular day. As sad as you may be, there are those brief moments that may have made you laugh, so record that down in your journal. You may be surprised how this can boost your mood and lift your spirit.

Go for a walk in nature.

To even get yourself out there when you aren’t necessarily yourself may prove to be a challenge, but go for a hike if you can try. Studies have indicated that nature has a positive impact on our stress levels and can play a vital role in reducing it.

You will be surprised at how a mere walk in the forest where it is just you and your thoughts, the sound of nature, and its impeccable ability to calm your stress levels may lighten up your spirits and leave you feeling like your bubbly, happier self. So get out there and enjoy some water sounds and the sun.

Visit your friend and snuggle in a hug.

I know some of us struggle with allowing ourselves to get closer to other human beings(myself included), you are weird, and we get it. Still, you cannot shy away from being human, and unfortunately, you are wired for connection. Get that closeness and warmth by hugging your loved ones, and while at it, stop being weird; you are not a robot.

Try Meditating For a Few Minutes

Though this may be challenging for a beginner, you can try a guided meditation. There are so many videos on YouTube that can help you. Meditation can help you ease some of the tension and stress levels. Think about it as medication for your soul, mind, and body. Make sure to find a space where you are uninterrupted to find that internal focus.

Play Your Favorite Music

We all know music has that effect on us, from getting us sad to lifting our spirits. So why not scrap your love and melancholy music and blast your pick-me tracks. You can also add Sia’s Unstoppable to your pick-me playlist and remind yourself who the heck you are. We have become adults who refuse to let our guard down, so I am here to remind you to drop the grown-up act a bit and lose yourself in some moves. You don’t need to be good at it; just dance, let your guard down and watch how that lifts your spirit. Yes, We approve; get on the dance floor while you play your favorite jams. Check out this rainy day playlist.

Spread Random Acts of Kindness

Nothing is as soothing and uplifting as extending kindness to others. In our effort to be kind to others, we are unaware that the same compassion we have expanded to others leaves some kindness within ourselves. Now do not get me wrong; I am not encouraging overextending yourself here because that will leave you feeling empty. While you may be kind to others, do not forget to be kind to yourself. Do something for someone out of the goodness of your heart and watch how that makes you feel.

Retail Therapy Your low Spirits Away

Well, I know some financial gurus may be on somehow about sticking to your budget? Well fortunate enough, this idea of therapy is not a permanent solution. The feeling of buying new things at a mall remains unmatched, such an exciting feeling and an excellent way to make you feel better.

But here is the catch, don’t wear your new clothes and keep the receipts. After five days I am sure you will be feeling better so return those items and get your money back. (Yeah, Lol I know it’s crazy, but if you are tight on the budget, get your money back)

Soak In a Good Bath

Add your favorite essential oils, some Epsom salts, and those gloriously smelling bath bombs, and enjoy a quiet relaxing bath. You can grab a glass of wine while at it and have your favorite playlist playing in the background. Yes, treat yourself.

Call a Friend and Go out For Ice Cream

Even if your friend is unavailable for this random date, go by yourself. There is absolutely no reason to deny yourself some ice cream moments to lift your spirit. Don’t forget to smile at strangers while at it.

Book yourself a Weekend Getaway

Nothing like a new environment to awaken your inner self. Meeting new people, seeing new places, and engaging in activities may bring just the kind of uplifting you need. Make sure you travel to a place that you know can spark joy in your heart.

There is more that you certainly can do to try and make yourself feel better. It happens to the better of us where we suddenly feel under the weather; the most important place to start is to know that it is normal and a part of life. In the same space, we can also try our utmost best to feel better.