Outside having a  powerful daily skincare routine and a night regime, there are a few additional measures you can take to have that long-lasting glow. Recently, I have been receiving compliments on my glowing skin about the sudden glow that has appeared out of nowhere.  Well, it didn’t appear out of nowhere.

I usually dedicate Sundays to pampering my skin, adding some items I wouldn’t have time for during the week. I know we are all busy, so for everything included in this list, apply it only once a week.  First things first, make sure you wash your face with your normal cleanser.

L’Oréal Glow Scrub

I cannot rave enough about the magic this scrub does, it leaves your skin glowing and feeling cleaned up.  Apply and leave it on for 10-15 minutes, then wash it off.  Don’t be surprised by the color, it is a clay scrub and smells wonderful.  Besides leaving your skin with a glow, it certainly leaves a trail of softness on your skin. If you fancy, you can even get a glow mask from L’Oréal, but I have always felt like the mask is unnecessary.

Facial Steamer

Facial steaming is for opening your skin pores, consider it a deep cleansing aid to remove any build-up dirt.  Technology has evolved so much that we can now buy a facial steamer from the stores, but as someone who has bought a facial steamer, I will let you in on a secret, the old traditional way of filling your basin with boiling water and covering yourself with a towel is still much better.

Himalaya Natural Glow Mask

I have no idea how I laid my hands on this mask, I probably was going through the drug store habit of buying everything and just anything.  We all know you walk out of a drugstore with stuff you never intended to buy, but this was the best blind buy ever.  I usually apply this mask right after steaming my face and leave it on for 10-15 minutes, the glow that comes after washing it off is amazing.

Neutrogena Skin Detox Mask

This is a sheet mask, and the results are outstanding. You will love what you will see in the mirror after removing this mask. Leave it on for 15 minutes, and once you remove it, apply the excess serum on your face and don’t wash it off your skin. This is the last step for your glowing skin steps.


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