A beautiful body skin begins from within. Your body deserves pure, genuine, transformative, and kind love.  Speak positively about your body, embrace every scar,  stretch mark and shower yourself with unconditional love.  Nothing is as empowering as falling in love with your body. Looking at every angle, and finding gratitude for the work your body does for you.

There are so many ways you can shower your body with love and one of them, includes pampering it. Yes, you deserve it and after working as hard as you do, a little self-care with some of these favorite products may be just exactly what you need.

My most powerful mantra towards my body, after a very long day, “You have committed yourself to move me from one point to the next without fail, let me pamper you for all your hard work. I love you !“. Sounds crazy I know, but no one can love this body for me well enough the way I can, so I might as well indulge it in the best possible ways I can. Now that you have joined the pampering train, let me share these really cool steps that I indulge in after a long stressful day for smooth beautiful skin.

Dry Brush

Once or twice a week, dedicate some time and dry brush your skin. This is such a good way to exfoliate your skin for soft, smooth, and radiant skin. You can discontinue if you experience skin irritation during the process.

Add A Body Scrub

Although you can skip this process if you dry brush, I still prefer a little scrubbing on the body. Similar to dry brushing, your skin is left feeling soft with a glow. An absolute favorite body scrub is the Dreaming Of A Detox from Oh So Heavenly, it leaves skin with a renewed glow for sure. You can use this body scrub once a week to avoid drying out your skin.

Wash It Off

Lately, I have been obsessed with the Oh So heavenly Bye Bye Stress body wash. Life is stressful on some days and soaking in a bath with a body wash that aims to ease the tension and stress in your body is an act of love and this body wash certainly does the trick plus it smells divine on the skin afterward.


My skin is very dry so when I use any form of body lotion, I add a little extra oil and at the moment I am using the Eucerin essential oils. This leaves skin moisturized without any sign of dryness.  Oh So heavenly is still a favorite body lotion, but during winter it’s best to stick to a body butter from The Body Shop, the moringa one is the best in the business for people with dry skin like me.

Add Sunscreen

I cannot speak about the importance of sunscreen enough, if you are exposed to the sun quite often, get in the habit of applying sunscreen often. Benefits of sunscreen include reduced risk of skin cancer, protection against harmful UV rays, the list is endless.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is the god of glowing skin and we all know why! Your body needs to stay hydrated and having about 7-8 glasses of water a day keeps your skin replenished.  Not only will water cleanse out all the toxins we consume on a daily basis, but it may also improve your skin’s moisture reducing dryness. Yes drink water and continue to mind your business!


Stick To A Healthy Diet

Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet, your body deserves to be nourished. You may be wondering how to quit unhealthy eating habits, it doesn’t happen overnight.  You can begin by reminding yourself that you want better for yourself, your body, and your skin each time you are tempted to indulge in unhealthy foods.


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