If you are into weekly meal planning, you will know the convenience it brings into your life.  Having your meals all set for the week means less chaos during the week. This is so important if you want to really boost your focus on other projects, read more here.

Preparing your own meals saves you some money, and doing this for the entire week can only mean one thing, you can carry your own lunch box for work! You are also able to carefully choose the right foods to improve your diet.

Now, this sounds easy on paper, so I have created this printable meal planner for a week that you can use to draw some inspiration. This is really helpful to give an idea of what you can shop for the entire week’s meal plan. You can choose from a variety, some templates include breakfast and dinner.

If you are a beginner at meal prep, you can check out some recipes that we have combined to start your journey here.

There are so many benefits to meal prep for the week and if you haven’t started, now is the best time. Save yourself some time, avoid food waste, save money, avoid unhealthy options and enjoy more variety.

Enjoyed reading this?, head over to the variety weekly meal prep recipes for some ideas on what you can prepare for the week.  For plant-based fanatics, get weekly meal plan recipes here


Weekly Meal  Planning Template can be purchased using this link.