Choosing to leave a toxic work environment may be one of the most liberating decisions. It is a kind of decision that requires a celebration.

Although for the vast majority it may take some time,  gathering the courage to take one step in the direction of setting yourself free is something worth a celebration. Leaving a toxic work environment is leaving behind tremendous stress and endless episodes of self-doubt.

What do you stand to lose when you finally gather the courage to leave a toxic work environment?

Justifying Your Reasons To Apply For Leave

If you have worked in some organizations you will know the reluctance of granting leave. Particularly if your skin color is errr let me hold it right here, but you know what I am talking about. While Sally can get leave for a vet’s appointment, you need to justify your absence from work.  This includes even some of the most important moments of your life.

Lack Of Growth and Transformation

Coupled with the strenuous impact on your mental health, a toxic work environment offers very little room for growth and transformation.  Often, you are exposed to armored leadership where it is about control and compliance. Chances of stretching your wings to further ignite your creativity are often nonexistent.

Lack of Joy And Fulfillment in Your Job

We find joy in our work by diving deep into our imagination. However, in a toxic work environment, none of this exists.  Things have to be done a certain way which leaves less opportunity to thrive and be creative.

Lack of Work-Life Balance

A toxic work environment thrives on overworking employees . Such environments tie your value and self-worth to your productivity. Exhaustion is a status symbol of productivity in this kind of environment.  You often find yourself missing important family occasions, personal vacations, and more meaningful life experiences all because your work celebrates showing up without any form of rest.

Overbearing Supervision

If you have been subjected to overbearing supervision, you know managers in the workplace who expect you to report every little detail. Such tiny details may include a mere move to the bathroom.

A Deteriorating  Mental Health

A toxic work environment is detrimental to your mental health. From being subjected to fear, episodes of verbal abuse, intentional humiliation, lack of encouragement, perfectionism, and encouraging fear of failure. One can only take so much until you start to lose your morale and increase the risk of depression.


Besides your stress levels going up often, this may lead to a lack of sleep as well.  You may struggle to sleep, based on the leadership style you’re exposed to. Your boss may impact your sleep, based on comments they make.

We all know that group at work that finds pleasure in letting everyone know how they worked till late and made it early for work.  While no one actually cares, their team members may be forced into complying with this pattern. Sometimes, at the abuse of power, these are people who lack boundaries and may make a few phone calls over the weekend at 6 am.

If you are worried about a loss of income, there are a few options to explore. You can look for another job, start your own business, or simply become a freelancer.

Stay tuned until next week Thursday as we explore business ideas, freelancing websites where you can list your services, and websites to extend your job search.

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