Woolala, it’s a date night and the excitement of it runs through the veins with the speed of lightning. A low light night filled with candles, some jazz music( Oh Gregory Porter, swoon ) in the background, great food and a great atmosphere, the little pleasures of life.

Whether it’s a date with a well-mannered, good-looking somebody or a solo date, looking gorgeous is never up for negotiation.

Always, insist on looking absolutely gorgeous and I hope you feel the same way within, but I am sure you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this page if you weren’t on some self-loving kind of vibe. I’m super proud of you, now let’s get you looking drop-dead gorgeous shall we?

A good bronzer

We all love contouring, that’s the most exciting part about makeup. You can get a bronzer that’s a few shades darker than your normal skin tone for good results.

A Rich Color Lipstick

Glamour and confidence are found in red lipstick, wear it! You can also opt for a darker shade of red or maroon if you feel some kind of way towards a bright red lipstick but I hope not.

Eau De Parfum

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.”― Coco Chanel. I didn’t make this up, now get a good perfume and smell great. You deserve it and it suits you to leave a lingering sweet trace of a fine fragrance. Carolina Herera’s Good Girl, Boss The Scent Private Accord, Marc Jacobs Daisy, you name it, the list is endless. You can watch some ideas on date night perfumes you can get for yourself here.

A Good Appetite

I know this has nothing to do with beauty, I am just being a clown. Make sure you eat, food is good for you. If you aren’t on a diet, don’t order a salad to impress your date, no one cares actually.  Be Yourself!

 Eye Make-Up

A good eyeliner, yeah let those eyes pop out they look beautiful. You can even add some fake stick-on lashes and a darker eye shadow. Just don’t let this steal your natural beauty but go ahead and enhance your beauty.

Good Attitude

Nothing makes one look terrible like a bad attitude, keep that smile on, you are never fully dressed without it. Be kind, treat people with the uttermost kindness and respect.

Compact Mirror

You’re probably rolling your eyes at this because mirrors are everywhere, but trust me, checking if things look good on your face before you show up in public is an absolute must. I am dramatic so I need to double-check that all is still well and it has saved me from all those meeewo embarrassing moments.

Compact Powder

In case you need to powder your nose later, always keep a powder in your bag. A little touch-up on your makeup is essential but with just a powder this is enough, plus you might get so busy enjoying yourself that you don’t find the time.


Now Enjoy your night out and keep safe from strange men if you are out on a solo date.

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