The simple answer is Yes. If you haven’t started journaling, it’s not too late, you can even start today. The main question would be, why would you even consider journaling and how do you benefit from it?

There isn’t only one way you can benefit from journaling, but plenty of ways, and here, we share a few of them which hopefully will encourage you to get a journal.

Keeping your thoughts organized

Have you had one of those days where you felt like you were spiraling out of control? Yeah, me too. Not necessarily one of the best days, but when you encounter such moments, you can grab your pen, sit down and write down your thoughts to create a more calm state of mind. Not only do you feel a sense of relief mentally after journaling, but you will also sense a state of calm in your mind.

Stress Relief

Paper is more patient than people and if there is one thing that can lead you to stress relief is journaling.  You can write the way you feel without any fear of judgment or any interruption. Often when one is stressed, we desire a safe space to share the contributing factors to our stress levels,  although sharing your frustrations with family and friends may be beneficial, sometimes people aren’t in the right frame of mind to receive your troubles so what better way than to write it away huh?

Goals Setting

Think about a day where you wrote down everything you wanted to achieve and went back to tick off accomplished tasks? Makes you feel like a superhuman right? You can note down your goals, manifest your dreams, and your daily to-do tasks. Looking back at what you have achieved, is such a fulfilling feeling and provides you with evidence of your capabilities. Writing down what you intend to do, and witnessing yourself accomplishing it is a badass move and inspires you to do more.

Practice Gratitude

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance, according to Eckart Tolle. Writing down what you a grateful for daily keeps your state of mind in abundance rather than focusing on lack. Look around, and see what you can be thankful for and witness how that keeps your energy high and adds more joy.

Self Reflection

A journal is a safe space where you can self-reflect. if you seek growth in your life, it is important to examine some of your own flaws that may be holding you back. Journaling provides a space where you can write down your former limiting thoughts, and write down exactly how you intend to think going forward. Each time your old patterns of thinking resurface, you refer back to your journal and remind yourself of your new thoughts and stick to them.

You Stop Sending Paragraphs (LOL)

If you are always finding yourself sending paragraphs to people and getting a blue tick, mmm well you need a journal.The people you are sending paragraphs to obviously don’t care so why don’t you love yourself, and vent on your journal and leave them alone? And spend some time away from your phone while you’re at it.  (Totally made this up, but you know I’m right )

Helps You Find Your Voice

As you write more often, you begin to rediscover yourself.  You are in a much better place when it comes to clearly articulating your thoughts, which helps in communicating with others. You possess the ability to express your thoughts clearly and no doubt, you have the ability to send a clear message across.

Improved Writing

Practice makes perfect, and this is the case with journaling.  If you aspire to be a writer, spending enough time with your journal writing can improve your skills. Who knows, you might even discover that you’re a great writer while you journal and take yourself places with your talents.

Improved Mood

Journaling to process your thoughts can help you improve your mood. After writing you may realize that whatever was weighing you down, has been released on paper, and now you can get on with your life feeling light.

Trauma Processing

Grief, heartbreak, and any life-altering experience require processing difficult emotions, and often when you can’t make it to therapy, you still have to openly talk about your emotions. You can find comfort in processing your thoughts in a journal.

Confidence Boost

Nothing like writing down affirmations to boost your confidence.  Sometimes we have moments where we doubt ourselves, but drowning in affirmations is the best gift we can offer ourselves.


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