Fancy teaching English abroad?  You may have seen a lot of young people moving overseas to teach English, particularly in South Korea, China, and Thailand.  If you love sharing knowledge and are keen to explore other countries, this may be a good opportunity for you to travel and teach English while at it.

The most challenging part may be obtaining the right certificate to be accepted into the program. Well worry no more, I recently came across a website where you can obtain this certificate for free. A lot of companies offer this certificate at a cost.

As part of the requirements, you need a TEFL  certificate. TEFL stands for Teach English As A Foreign Language.  The certificate prepares you on how you can share your English knowledge with the learners, based on their requirements.

You do not require any degree to be eligible for the certificate, all you need is fluency in English.  The course can be completed within 120 hours (3 weeks ) if you can set aside 8 hours per day. But you can complete it in less time if you are dedicated.

You can register for a TEFL certificate for free here. You won’t be charged for anything, all you have to do is to study and pass the assessments. Upon completion, your certificate is issued immediately and you can begin searching for jobs here.  If you are not yet ready to relocate after completing your certificate, you can opt to teach online instead.

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