Expanding your income streams has become so easy. We cannot seem to have any excuses anymore.  One of the income streams you can leverage is teaching English online.  There are so many people out there looking for someone to teach them English.

If you are South African, you are already preferred as you are considered a native speaker. English is the medium of instruction in the country so if you are up for it and need some extra cash, you can begin as early as today.

Now, how does teaching English online work?

Easy, set up a profile, record a video introducing yourself to your prospective students, and submit online. You may have to write some super easy tests, which you will easily pass. Then after submitting your details, you will receive an approval email for you to get started.

You can submit your profile on these platforms.


All you have to do is register your profile on VIPKid, and wait for a confirmation email.  They usually get back to you after a day or two with more instructions. You will then do a demo lesson, showcasing how you teach. The next step will be training for a certificate and then if all goes well, you will sign a contract.


This online platform allows you to teach English to people of all ages from all over the world.  You set your hourly rate. Payment is via PayPal.You are provided with training after getting accepted. Students find your profile. You can also regularly check the dashboard to find students’ requests.  You can start by setting up your profile here


Similar to all other platforms, you have to set up a profile and wait to be approved. You can start setting up your profile here. Upon approval, you can start working immediately and set up your hourly rate.


As a first step, you need to check if the language you plan on teaching is open on the provided list.  English is always open so you can go right ahead and set up your profile here.

Once approved, you can begin teaching students. The best part about teaching online is that you set your hours and get to meet people from different parts of the world while earning an income.

Important Note: Set up a PayPal account for free to receive your earnings as all of these companies are international.

If you are interested in teaching English abroad, read more about how to obtain a free TEFL certificate here.