Transcription jobs include listening to recorded audio and typing what is being said exactly as it is.  Although you may fancy correcting some grammar and restructuring sentences, sorry to tell you that you will be out of a job sooner than you think haha.

You have to type everything exactly as it is per specified standards. Sometimes you may find what is called captioning, where you watch recorded videos or live videos and type what is being said. Either way, your job will be to listen carefully and type and get paid.

Here are companies that pay you for your time and typing skills for transcription. Transcription jobs at these companies don’t require any experience, all you have to do is know your grammar well, listen to instructions and pass the test.

In order to be accepted at Rev, you have to pass their test. The test consists of three steps.  The first one is grammar, the second one is testing how well you are able to structure sentences, and the final one is where you actually transcribe audio into text.

There is a guideline on how you can pass the test, so read the instructions carefully. Once you have completed all the tests, you can submit your test and wait for their feedback.  You get paid every Friday via Paypal for all the work you complete in a week.

Watch some guidelines on how to pass the test here

Transcription Hub 

This is a marketplace, so you can set up your account and check for available transcription jobs.  Payment is via Paypal and you will get paid based on the number of jobs you do.  This website doesn’t get so busy with jobs, so you might want to skip it. But if you are keen to explore, set up your profile here


You can begin by setting up your account here. The application process includes writing a test, and if you pass the test you will then begin converting small audio files into text.  Payment is via Paypal.

You can choose one to go with, but out of the three listed here, I would say Rev is the best option.


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