Rewards for walking? Not a chance !. oops sorry, there is a chance. I recently came across an app that rewards me for walking, even in my living room. Now, I am not the kind of girl who wears her running shoes at 5 am and starts running.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not discouraging you. I do, however, enjoy 11km of hiking at any given time, whether it’s raining or not I am always down for a hike. So when I learned that I can get rewarded for finally leaving my couch for a walk, boy I was on honeymoon.

I have become faithful in my walks that I will skip the elevator any time and take the stairs, after all, I get paid to do it. Now which app rewards you for walking? SweatCoins. 

What benefits do you get from SweatCoins

Digital Gifts

I am using Canva Pro at the moment, and I paid for it with my sweatcoins. That’s not the only offer at hand, from accessing paid language apps, digital courses and so much more. Sweatcoins allows you to pay for a variety of digital products using your hard-earned coins. Keep walking!

Beauty products

Who doesn’t love beauty products? With just 30 coins, you can purchase a seaweed mask, hibiscus tea, C-vit/shea by BeYou Skin. it’s my first time hearing about their skin products and guess what, I am buying their products right away with my earned coins. That’s not all, there is always an offer at hand.


Speakers, cameras, watches, bikes, smart TVs, coffee machines. The list is endless. Although you have to bid for these accessories, with the right amount of SweatCoins, you can be a lucky winner. I haven’t won any of the accessories simply because my points are for beauty products and Digital gifts. I love free access to premium digital products.

Gift Cards

What can you do with a $1000 ZARA, Amazon, H&M, and many other stores gift card? Of course, you can shop till you drop.  If it’s sports gear you want, Adidas is in the mix as well so there’s everything for everyone.

Premium Access

Ever see that cost associated with a premium subscription? Well worry no more, SweatCoins has you covered.  If you love Tidal, you can get premium access for 3 months using your coins. That’s not all, there are other platforms as well that you can receive premium access to just by swiping your coins.

Charity Donations

I have donated some of my points to various charity organizations on the app. We don’t have to be self-centered, whenever a chance to give arises, we should take it. There’s always a challenge where you walk for a good cause and what better way to do it for those who are less fortunate.

Starbucks Coffee

A $10 Starbucks voucher is never a bad idea for my coffee lovers, myself included! That’s a week’s supply of Americano, all because I got out of my house and walked! Thank goodness for apps that reward us for walking!

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, get on board and download it right away using this link. Keep walking and get rewarded for it, you deserve all the finner things.

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