Do you really have to follow a nighttime skincare routine? After a long day of sun exposure and perhaps a day spent with make-up on, it’s important to follow a skincare routine. So I have been sticking to a nighttime skincare routine for some time and it has been yielding good results.


A good cleanser is really important. Especially if you use make-up. With a great cleanser, you will find that it takes out all the dirt and leave your face feeling clean. With some cleaners, you don’t even require a toner afterward because they are that great but I am old-fashioned so I still need to have my face toned which is the next step.


After cleansing your face, you usually get a good feeling of a thoroughly cleansed face until you take a cotton pad and put on some toner, and apply it to your face. And then it hits you, that the cotton pad didn’t return as clean as when you started. It must mean the cleanser might have done a good job but it wasn’t good enough. So it is really important to tone your face to get rid of the remaining dirt after a cleanser.



Now I treat my dark spots during the day with a serum. For the night I am using Eucerin Hyaluron filler night peeling and serum. You can add a little essential oil at night if you want that glowing skin. Essential oils perform magic on the skin.

Eucerin’s caring oils is the best in the game but if you are not a big fan, you can find any essential oil at the drug store. Stay away from fragranced oils while you are at it. Your skin will love you for that!


I finish up my routine by applying Eucerin even brighter moisturizer. It claims to reduce the appearance of spots and it has done the job on my case. It’s also important to note that instant results are a myth. Be patient!

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