Suffering from cabin fever? Well, not anymore. Located in the outskirts of Pretoria East, Rosemary Hill Farm is the one place we all have to be.  Stunning views, great food, friendly staff, peace, and quiet? All of this can be found at the RoseMary Hill Farm.

If you didn’t believe in love at first sight, you will change your mind the moment you set your foot at this amazing farm.  Whether your plan is to spend the day or a couple of days, I highly recommend a couple of days, this place has all the entertainment you need.

So what can you get up to?

Take Pictures At The Beautiful Maze

You would expect the green to subside as we approach winter, but the maze at Rosemary hill farm remains the same throughout the year.  You are greeted with a fragrance of flowers which may give you ideas on your next perfume, and if you decide to just sit while you appreciate beauty, I won’t blame you.  Sunset is the best time to take gorgeous pictures, so make sure you are with a good photographer.

Hike Around the Rosemary Farm

You have two options, you can either hike on foot or choose to jump on the segway tours which I believe might be the best option. Experienced hikers may find hiking on foot a little bit boring as the entire farm is a flat surface with very little activity going on on the trails, so a segway tour is a better option.

Enjoy some coffee at the coffee shop

Not only will you be treated to the best coffee, but the amazing staff will also ensure that you receive the best service. Their pork belly breakfast is one of the most amazing treats you can opt for at the coffee shop. And if it is lunch you desire, that can also be arranged.

Wine Tasting

A good day of wine tasting with your group of friends may just be what you need. A little wine here and there is always a good idea. Just don’t call your ex after a few glasses, we don’t approve over here . And don’t drink and drive, Uber is there for moments like these. Even in your drunk state, do avoid strange men.


Adrenaline junkies will be pleased to learn that the farm has some options for them too.  Put on your tights, sneakers, and a lot of fearlessness and climb those trees and ropes.  This comes at a cost so you can find out here. You may have to make a booking, just showing up won’t get you anywhere LOL.

Indulge in Self Care

Whether your idea of self-care includes a bubble bath or a picnic, you can have both. Rosemary provides a picnic service where if you would like to order a basket, you can do so at a fee. You can still enjoy your own picnic, on the picnic grounds if you don’t fancy the idea of someone preparing food for you.

Enjoy Pizza

The restaurant serves some of the world’s best pizza, especially if you are in the province of Gauteng. We all know the other pizza establishments that serve nothing but sauce unnecessarily oops. If I said their pizza is good, it means it’s good, you can take my word for it.

Organize a photoshoot

You certainly won’t run out of locations to shoot beautiful pictures.  You can make a booking here. Rosemary has in-house photographers so you can just set aside a budget for your preferred photoshoot and make an appointment and get those stunning images.

Enjoy Horse Riding

Nothing like a beautiful horse ride on a Sunday afternoon with your lover or with a group of friends.  Make sure you make a booking, and of course you will pay a certain price for it. You can check out more information here.

Rosemary Hill Farm is super friendly for my solo travelers and if you are wondering how you can encourage your friends to visit the place with you, read more about how you can actually leave them behind and live your best life here.

Sounds petty I know, but life waits for no man so get on your travel bug and enjoy some beautiful holidays.