How much do you make working for Appen? This is a question that one asks when you are familiar with Appen. And those working for Appen surely have good stories to tell. If you think earning money comes with a lot of hard things and complications, I have news for you.

Appen’s micro tasks add coins to your pocket while also making your life enjoyable. I mean, who wouldn’t want to get paid for taking a video of themselves while out with their family or friends? You are probably wondering, is that possible?

Absolutely!  I am about to take a video of myself receiving items from online shopping. And guess where this video is headed? You guessed it right, Appen. And just exactly how much am I going to earn from this? Well, that’s for me to find out after uploading the videos. But trust me, PayPal will be sending me a notification about some ching in my account LOL.

How To Join Appen

Joining Appen is super easy. All you have to do is register and provide as much information as possible. Once approved to be part of the platform, you have some training to do, nothing that cracks your brain. Upon completion of training, you sign privacy documents to ensure you don’t go around the world sharing projects that are confidential, no matter how much you love your friends!

How Much Do You Make Working  On Appen

Appen has a range of tasks that you can perform, often taking you a minute or two. Compensation per project ranges from $9.45 and I am talking about something that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. If you are in love with money, like some of us, get started today!

What kind of tasks do you do on Appen?

From Data collection, labeling items, search engine evaluator, linguistics and taking videos of yourself getting up to exciting things (This one is my favorite, easy money makes me happy ) ., and many more.

If you are worried about projects’ availability, you have no reason to do so. There is always something to keep you busy on Appen.

For projects that require more effort and more time, you are compensated accordingly. As per the majority of online opportunities, you need a PayPal account to receive your earnings.

Where can you spend your money after getting compensated?

Well, that is entirely up to you.  You can have fun with your friends, buy yourself some goodies, or who knows, you can use that money to start a blog so you can expand your income streams.

I highly recommend starting a blog for more income streams. I love money and I can’t even hide it anymore haha, so any opportunity to earn money makes me feel so good.

For more opportunities to earn money, check out these websites that reward you for testing the latest prototypes, or even better, sign up on Respondent and start earning money today.