The Edge Mountain Retreat Hogsback Eastern Cape, the name itself says it all “Retreat”. We are nearing the end of the year and though some still prefer to spend their holidays with loved ones sticking to tradition, we have a group that prefers to travel. And if the year-end fatigue has done its number on you, what better way to recharge than taking a retreat holiday away from all the chaos of life?

The majority of well-known holiday spots are packed to capacity during year-end.  If that’s not your idea of spending your holidays, I have news for you. Head to a small quiet town in the Hogsback mountains. The Edge Mountain Retreat is home to lovers of peace. Overlooking breathtaking mountain views,  there isn’t a shortage of things you can get up.

Enjoy Some Coffee

I know people whose worlds will fall apart if they don’t get just one cup of coffee, myself included hehe. And for my coffee shop lovers, The Edge Mountain Retreat has one of the most beautiful coffee shops. You are treated to a stunning view while also enjoying some fresh air. And yes ! they have reliable wifi and the password is all over the area.  You can enjoy a good book, some good coffee and still stay in touch.

Take a Shower Outside!

When you think of Hogsback, you may remember that other famous place that has a bathtub outside. We all know, on closer inspection, that bathtub is always dirty haha. But The Edge Mountain Retreat has gone out of its way in catering to this fancy dream.

They have a clean bathtub and a shower offering stunning views.  If you’re a fan of Instagram snaps, the pictures are absolutely insta -worthy.No one will see you butt naked while taking a shower outside. They have built walls to avoid prying eyes.

Experience Walking at The Labyrinth

Fancy a walk? You can head over to the Labyrinth at The Edge. Inspired by the Chartres Cathedral design in France, it seems the mountains may have decided to bring a little bit of France to Hogsback. If you are traveling with your loved one or special significant other, I suggest walking hand in hand while also enjoying the stunning views.

Under the Oaks Market

If your stay at The Edge Mountain extends to the weekend, you may want to splurge on some of the local products on Sartuday. Under the Oaks market starts in the morning where locals meet selling some of their own products.

Hogsback has a variety of things you can do. If you are a lover of chocolate you can head over to the chocolate shop. And if you fancy some additional activities, visit awaywiththefairies for a day hike. The hiking trails offer some stunning views with beautiful waterfalls, Madona and Child being the most famous one.

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