Often when thinking about Christmas gifts, the most important part is finding a good gift idea. I am interested in meaningful gifts, something you can put to good use and often be reminded that it was a gift. To have a good Christmas gift idea, it’s also of great importance to listen to the people you aim to shower with gifts.

People often speak of things they wish to have. What better way to jump in and get the item for your special person or family or friends. Being mindful during conversations with your loved ones can help you figure out the best gifts you can get.

The following gift ideas are mostly generic but they can be something meaningful for the recipients.


If you have friends who often love the idea of writing everything down, what better way to make their Christmas lovely than sending them a cute journal. I would kiss anybody who gets me a notebook. What a thoughtful gesture it is. There are no limitations to the kind of journals you can grab for your loved ones. From Gratitude journals, moments of joy, general notebooks, or even affirmations journals. Not only will you be adding to their writing needs, but you will also contribute to their practice of better well-being.

A getaway voucher

You may be rolling your eyes at the thought of the costs involved in sending some loved ones to a getaway. But it actually shouldn’t break your bank to treat your loved ones if they really matter to you. What you give out comes back in ten folds. While everyone may be dealing with year-end fatigue, a nature getaway could do wonders. Check out Rosemary Hill Farm for a more nature-focused getaway you can spoil your loved ones with.

A beauty voucher

We all love looking great with glowing skin. A voucher for one to get a facial treatment is never a bad idea. You can also hop in and have fun with your girls or family while enjoying a good skin treatment. Check out sorbet for some beauty treatment vouchers.

A cookbook

Christmas is all about cooking. A good cookbook can be a great gift idea to inspire new dishes for Christmas lunch. Rather than sticking to traditional Christmas lunch, it can always be a good idea to introduce new dishes and spoil loved ones with delicious meals.

A pair of warm socks

While we are now working from home more often, it’s always a good idea to get someone a good pair of warm socks to move around the house.  It’s a thoughtful gift that one can truly appreciate.

A digital Vision Board

While some may spend the Christmas holidays all about being festive and happy, some may be interested in planning for the year ahead. Gone are the days where we buy these big boards and magazines to build our vision boards, we can now do it using our computers. Check out some more information on how you can purchase a digital vision board here.