Stuck on which side hustles to try for 2022? There is no reason we shouldn’t fill up our purses. If you were not on the train for generating extra income in 2021, you’re not late. The best feeling in the world is knowing that your purse is always loaded with some extra cash. No need to wait for payday or limit your life’s possibilities due to financial constraints.

I dedicated some time to try out some online hustles last year and I wasn’t paying so much attention to it until I received an email from one of the side hustles informing me that I had managed to generate $1000 in a space of 4 months. Now if you live in SA, you will understand that $1000 is close to 15 000 ZAR, that’s a significant amount if you ask me. It might not seem to be a lot of money, but that was only from one side hustle.

Since we are at the beginning of the year, what better time to start making that extra come. If there is one thing I regret, is beginning the journey only in the middle of the year. I intend to scale my side hustles for 2022 much better than I did last year.

Without wasting time, here are side hustles for 2022.


This is the side hustle that earned me $1000 in a space of 4 months, and I wasn’t so much invested in it. It’s January and I already have a confirmed payment coming through. If you have been reading some of my previous blogs, you will remember that I shared information on how you can join this side hustle. This is one side hustle for 2022 that you can start immediately. For more details on how to join read my blog post on Respondent here.


This website on its own has managed to generate $273 in one month. This was also another side hustle that I was trying out in December. They are a reputable website where you test prototypes for different companies. You can check out more information on additional websites you can join to test. This is really a cool side hustle, particularly if you are in IT. Even if you are not in the IT field, there’s always something for everyone.


This is an online platform where you teach English to international students. You set your own rate and often students discover you on the platform. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make here, it’s all up to you. I have previously shared more information on how you can get accepted into the program here.


This is also another platform where you are often invited into test cycles for various organizations. It’s a wonderful platform where you interact with people from different spheres of the world and get to earn money while at it.


This is one side hustle for 2022 you can utilize, especially if you love shopping. Their rewards are slightly different. You get an amazon gift card, I can’t remember the number of times I have been invited to studies and earned gifts-card up to a whopping $250.

You won’t get rich overnight doing these side hustles, but you won’t experience any financial lack either. So try them out and see what works for you. Interested in more side-hustles for 2022? Check out how to make an extra $100 here.