I recently came across a tweet, where one man was boldly asserting, let me quote “To be honest, every guy knows how to treat a woman like a queen. You’re just not the girl he’s willing to go that far for”.

And my first reaction, was just how is it a woman’s burden that a man isn’t willing to be courteous or as boldly said ” willing to go that far”. And if a woman is not the girl that he’s willing to go that far for, why is he in the girl’s life, to begin with? 

Can he not be by himself, while he waits for the one he’s willing to go that far for? What is it about men and their inability to stay away from women they deem inadequate? Why do they insist on being a burden and willing to practice awfulness and make it seem like it’s a woman’s fault?

Also, why do men assume that their mistreatment towards a woman taints her worth? Who do they think they are? 

This tweet just happened to have captured my attention, because I have been writing about something similar. As a society, we have handed so much power to men that they carelessly move around with an excessive sense of self-importance. 

A lot of them seem to move around life assuming that their actions reflect on a woman’s worth. 

It is concerning to burden women with so much when they already have a lot to carry in a society filled with men who seem to evade accountability and self-reflection at all costs.

Where Do Men Get This Idea?

I wonder, where men get the idea that a woman’s worth is tied to how they treat her? Willingly opting to mistreat those you profit nothing from, says a lot about you than the intended recipients. I doubt you can be filled with so much love within and feel the need to be deceitful and dreadful. 

Why are you not introspecting?

If men really take the time, to introspect, perhaps they may realize that their commitment to being horrible people, is a reflection of how they feel about themselves? Perhaps then, they might be fortunate to realize that they have some work to do on themselves. 

Perhaps they can take the time to mend their deep-seated hatred for ladies who don’t owe them anything? Perhaps they can also try to determine why they are loaded with so much rage and detestation, that they voluntarily choose to be horrendous? 

There aren’t any compelling justifications to wake up and resort to just spew awfulness in the lives of those you have no intention to keep? What is it, that makes men so comfortable to lead a life with people they deem inadequate if that’s not how they feel about themselves?

Women Will Remain worthy 

Women won’t suddenly cease to be worthy, because of a man’s mistreatment. Women will still undoubtedly flourish in their lives, they will still possess the most remarkable, delightful, and paramount elements of their being. A man’s unwillingness to go that far for a woman won’t abruptly dim her luminance, she will still be a goddess and that man will still possess the hostility inside of him. 

Mistreatment towards women takes nothing from them, all it does is fuel the deep-seated issues that men are undeniably battling with. Perhaps, men need to take some time to look in the mirror and question their willingness to exist in spaces they deem inadequate, and their relentless desire to brag about being deceitful individuals. 

A man’s attempt to humiliate women, over his willingness to be an awful individual, is perhaps a frantic attempt to evade his misery. Men can practice awfulness if that’s what they prefer, but I want them to leave women out of it. I want women to also unburden themselves from this false perspective. How a fellow chooses to treat you, has nothing to do with your worth but the classification of a person that man is. 

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