Music is like medicine, getting us out of the most troubling moments.  I happen to have a rainy day playlist dedicated to those pouring days.  And this one particular occasion is a rainy day.  Though the rain may serve as a little inconvenience to some, I feel the opposite.

I love rainy days to an extent where  I have created a little routine for it.  It may sound ridiculous but I go all-in when it rains. It’s like I connect more with myself on a rainy day than anything else and I have made it a point to set a romantic mood all around.

One of my dear friends recommended that I light candles, switch on low lights, and sit while I enjoy some coffee or a cup of hot chocolate. My wine lovers may also find this moment absolutely perfect to enjoy some of that red juice haha. We deserve a beautiful life, and if you can create one for yourself I highly recommend it. So what’s a better way than enjoying all of this with some great sounds in the background.

Rainy Day Playlist

While you enjoy this playlist, you can also grab a book to read. If you enjoy some romance novels, check out our compilation here. If you would like to improve your self-esteem, check out books you can read.

If you enjoy watching Korean movies, you will discover some of the tunes included on this playlist. This is dedicated to my Korean movies fans, we all swoon over Something in the rain haha. You can get in touch on Instagram for some laughter. Until then, continue to radiate love.