If you are battling with low self-esteem or wondering what low self-esteem feels like, then you are at the right place. I am assuming searching for this information, is motivated by a desire to change. Well, we all know how not feeling like you are good enough or worthy does to your self-image.

What Low Self Esteem Feels Like?

Low self-esteem feels like repeatedly engaging in self-sabotaging behaviors. If you are constantly caught on your knees begging others to treat you right, people-pleasing, rejecting any form of assistance, and constantly returning to relationships that offer you nothing in return, then these may be signs of low self-esteem.

As you battle with low self-esteem, you are often subjected to endless silent treatments, utter indifference, impoliteness, emotional abuse but you struggle to muster the courage to leave connections such as these.

Where does low self-esteem come from?

Low self-esteem is not a natural-born talent. It is an oriented pattern. Low self-esteem is unhelpful in its entirety. Just as we learn to distrust ourselves, we can learn to trust ourselves again. This is a practice that plays out in connections where those battling with it, are often captured in repetitive unwholesome cycles of unfulfilling relationships. Because you don’t think highly of yourself, you are often at the mercy of those who discover delight in treating you with the uttermost disregard.

We learn to doubt ourselves from an early age, sometimes it may occur that it happens as we become adults. Low self-esteem may stem from feeling like you don’t belong in certain spaces, being subjected to treatment that leaves you questioning your own worth, a painful childhood, abusive homes, and relationships.

How Do We overcome low self-esteem?

There’s nothing wrong with experiencing low self-esteem. There’s everything wrong with choosing to remain the same. Low self-esteem is often thoughts in your mind, which are not true, convincing you that you are not good enough. But it is a lie because you were born worthy.

Your talents and gifts don’t miraculously disappear because you are battling low self-esteem. They remain with you, waiting for the moment you discover a way out of doubting yourself.  You are undoubtedly worthy. All we have to do is return to the people we were before we formed ill-informed and untruthful views about ourselves.

You can begin ushering yourself out of limiting beliefs by practicing affirmations. It will sound ridiculous for the first few days, where you will doubt what you are saying but stick with it. Check out these affirmations. Often, when you battle with low-self esteem, you engage in people-pleasing behavior. Read more on how to stop yourself from engaging in this behavior.

And just so you know, you are awesome, beautiful, loved, and deserving. Start acting like it and watch how your life transforms for the better. You lack nothing!