The pandemic introduced new ways of working. While the majority may still have interest in remaining behind work desks listening to colleagues who seem to find no joy in anything(oops), the rest of us are now invested in how to find remote online jobs.

Remote jobs are perfect for the adventurous, we are not tied to one location. I recently met one young lady while traveling, who seemed to have no desire to remain stuck in one location. That was such an interesting discussion, that you can still maintain a job and travel the world while at it.

There isn’t one way to do life, there are so many possible options to explore this beautiful life that we have. When you have a remote online job, there are no limitations to the joys you can embark on. While we had to apply for leave just to travel, you can choose to work at any destination.

It seems the majority of countries are catching up to the idea of remote online jobs as well. Here is a link to countries that offer visas for remote online jobs workers. Now how to find remote online jobs? It starts with sending out that resume to the right sites. I will make a list with all the links and you can choose.

Online Remote Jobs

Virtual Vocations 
Remote. co
SkiptheDrive .com
remotehunt .com
Authenticjobs .com. (Developers ,IT-Related jobs )
Dribbble .com(graphic designers)
Textbroker .com( Writers , Authors) (Audio/video transcribers) microtasks )
Karat (Interview Engineers, this is specifically for Software developers )
Bayt (Any job search in Dubai )
English Tutoring

If you are keen to try freelancing, you can check these websites.

Check out more platforms for online English teaching roles or maybe check this article to make an extra $100.

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