If you fancy a laid-back, less demanding vacation to just rest, then head over to Away With The Fairies in Hogsback. Well known for its famous outside bathtub, Away with the fairies is home to the laid-back, back-packers who find delight in wearing their hiking boots.

Away with the fairies isn’t home to city girls, you will find yourself lost in a small town with people who barely wear their shoes. Your heels won’t cut it either. If the sound of climbing mountains, taking showers outside at The Edge, horse riding, and meeting strangers who greet while starring at your face sounds exciting, then get on that plane.

Located in the Eastern Cape, East London, away with the fairies can be found at a very small town known as Hogsback. There isn’t a shortage of activities for the adrenaline junkies. This town is also well known for its famous pizza and beer. I am not talking about that other pizza establishment with million sauces oops. So what can you get up to in this beautiful town?

Hiking at away with the fairies

Well known for the beautiful waterfalls, your hiking journey starts right inside  Away with the fairies. Along the trail, you will be treated to breathtaking waterfalls, colorful mushrooms (don’t eat them ), and the famous big trees. Do not miss the Madonna and Child waterfall, it is amazing.

Locally brewed beer and pizza

Yes, beer lovers will be pleased to have a different taste of beer in this small town. The best place to enjoy this can be at the Fairies or better yet, Hogs Inn for some adventure.

Chocolates at The  Chocolate Shoppe

Belgian chocolates exist in Hogsback, you heard it from me. They have locally made chocolates just at the corner before getting to Away with the Fairies. You can treat yourself to some coffee as well if you fancy.

Horse Riding

If you visit Hogsback at the right time, you may be lucky to go on a full moon horse riding. It is such an exciting activity. But don’t lose hope, you can still enjoy some daylight horse riding.

Local Shopping

If your visit is during the weekend, you can enjoy some shopping at the under the oak market. Here you will be treated to all the locally produced products from Hogsback.

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