Side hustles are such an interesting concept. But as we all know, the interesting part is knowing how much you can make from a side hustle. That’s the ultimate goal, right?

I recently discovered a side hustle that pays people to share their experiences on a range of topics. The are many interesting topics to choose from. There was a study where they were looking for people who had encountered online fraud. And the reward for this particular mission was $115.

Now if you are camera shy, this side hustle won’t work for you. While you may have to answer a questionnaire, there is a part that requires recording yourself. This is to add more information to help researchers. Payment is via Paypal and if you haven’t created an account, you may do so here.

Side Hustle in Question

You can set up an account with Dscot to share your experiences.  You are helping to shape the products and services that you love. The best part about participating in research studies is getting rewarded for your time.

You don’t have to find yourself lacking in any form, there are multiple options online to make that extra dollar. Like any other side hustle, it starts with filling out that form online to apply. Set up the profile and begin applying for available missions.

Dscot can be downloaded on your mobile and you can get to apply for missions using your phone.

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