YouTube meditation for beginners is here for all of us. If you are intentional about getting your mental health and spiritual awakening to a greater height, you will find this blog post to be useful.

You’re probably wondering why I am so invested in sharing this. Having found myself at the mercy of anxiety attacks, I had to find a solution to calm myself. It’s challenging to get the hang of it in the beginning, but stay in the discomfort.

Definition of meditation

Meditation can be defined as a set of techniques that are intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness and focused attention. Meditation is also a consciousness-changing technique that has been shown to have a wide number of benefits on psychological well-being.” according to VeryWellMind.

Now the biggest challenge for everyone is where to begin.   Well, look no further. I have compiled beginner-friendly meditations.   Whether you’re seeking renewal, manifestation, healing, anxiety, or spiritual awakening, you can find it all. Here is the list of YouTubers who are dedicated to offering guided meditation.

Science Of MIND

Science Of MIND is a youtube channel dedicated to offering Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations. Dr. Joe Dispenza is focused mainly on changing the mind, renewing the way we think into a more positive and transformed outlook towards life. Well known for his famous quote, “If you change your mind, you change your life “, Dr. Joe Dispenza guides you into turning negative thoughts into more empowering and positive thoughts.

You can also try to read one of his books called Breaking the habit of being yourself. The book provides a written guided meditation and some other gems.

Master Sri Akarshana

While the main focus on this channel is mostly manifestations of your desires, you will certainly discover other meditations as well. This channel has guided meditations for letting go of the past, energy clearing, and a range of other meditations.

The Reality Revolution

This channel belongs to Brian Scott. Well known for his powerful meditation to manifest large sums of money, the channel is a good place to start your mediation journey. Here you will find more than just meditation, but also a community of spiritually curious individuals in the comments section. But most of all, the meditations are really helpful in healing past hurts.

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