Whenever I experience a little inconvenience of lacking inspiration, I head over to that red app for inspirational YouTubers to watch inspiring stories. I have discovered a community on YouTube of hardworking individuals. YouTube feels like a home you walk into and experience everything you dream of.

Because I love everything that has to do with money, I have found 5 inspirational YouTubers to watch for inspiration. They speak about everything that has to do with money. This has incredibly changed my view on ways to generate income. The most important lesson that has come out of watching these inspirational YouTubers, is never relying on one stream of income.

I have become a junkie of creating multiple streams of income, you should too. Financial freedom is just multiple streams of income away. Imagine a world where you are constantly getting paid on a day-to-day basis, and not waiting for the one-time paycheck from your employer? Sounds just about great right?

Top  Inspirational YouTubers To Watch

Financial Affairs With Nosipho

Dedicated to sharing online opportunities, I love the sense of community that one finds on this channel. You will meet all the hustlers who are trying to just improve their financial standing. Nosipho engages with her audience, often sharing hints on how to pass tests on some of the opportunities. If you are a graduate and still in search of a job, or just overall looking for a way to increase your streams of income, you will find an ocean of opportunities on this channel.

Queen Magomani

This channel is dedicated to sharing online surveys opportunities. Queen is transparent with how she earns money by doing online surveys. What inspires me the most about this channel is the openness to ideas to increase your earnings. If surveys are your thing, you can watch this channel.

Marissa Romero

Gather here all young and aspiring entrepreneurs. Marissa’s channel is dedicated to sharing opportunities to create passive income. Marissa quit her 9-5 job to become a full-time entrepreneur. The journey is inspiring and she has managed to turn it into a success. Her channel has lessons on becoming an entrepreneur and opportunities to explore to create passive income. If you aspire to be a YouTuber, this is the best channel to watch.

Ali Abdaal

When I am struggling with productivity, Ali’s channel is my source of inspiration. Okay, he’s not only about productivity, he’s a millionaire who shares his journey about how he reached this milestone. Ali practiced medicine as a doctor and recently quit. He shares the agony we all bear in deciding whether our full-time jobs are what we aspire to spend the majority of our time doing. You will learn about books, investments, productivity, and the latest gadgets to buy. If you love money, this is your best channel.

Kelly Stamps

Kelly’s journey is inspiring. From doing jobs that were unfulfilling, to turning her back and focusing on creating the life of her dreams. Although this channel seems to be purely about entertainment, introverts find someone like Kelly entertaining. She shares a lot of experiences that are often categorized as weird, but she has a targeted audience and I am one of them. Hello, fellow stampedes.

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