A lot of times what love feels like is based on movies we watch, and the books we read. Authors and movie directors add a little unrealistic sugar to keep us hooked. Reality may beg to differ when it comes to what we read and what we experience.

I recently had coffee with a friend, who is a therapist. Although our session wasn’t official, something in our conversation sparked such an interesting perspective towards love. While we may have been obsessed with the idea of finding someone to love us, her argument was that we do not need to hold such a view.

In order to experience the most fulfilling existence of love, it needs to begin within ourselves. And that point begins by asking ourselves important questions. How would you like to feel, when you are loved? This prevents the constant wars we are often entangled in, attempting to change people to love us. While we may desire to have control over others, we, unfortunately, do not have it.

So love in its essence, feels exactly how you imagine it to be. When you are experiencing moments of solitude, create an energy field within yourself of what it feels like to you, to be loved. This will guide you into oceans of tenderness, compassion, and what some regard as soft magic.

We have no reason to yearn for love. We hold it within ourselves, complete and wholesome. All we have to do is express it. Isn’t it amazing that love feels exactly how we would love for it to feel? That we have so much power in influencing the kind of love we desire in our lives. Whatever you imagine love’s existence to be, is available.  You are the channel that will represent it.

What does Love feel like


Love feels like freedom, to be yourself. Often, we attempt to deny ourselves the opportunity to present our true, genuine selves just to be accepted. But love has a different story, it writes essays of total acceptance. So, in the existence of love, portray stories of authenticity. You are freed in love, from anything that doesn’t represent who you are at the core.


Love feels like a warmth that relies on the existence of tenderness and care. How fortunate we are, to exist in the presence of love so tender. What love feels like, is the constant stretching of our chicks through laughter. Tender love feels safe, to express yourself fully.


If you have walked in the path of frustrated and unfulfilling love, you may desire to thank the lucky stars when you encounter a love full of compassion. Existing in the grace of compassionate love is what we all deserve. How mighty to give love yet another chance, and it meets you in the most healing way.


There are stories we may not be able to write, express, or present because they represent something we are yet to find words to describe. Love holds a magic that is transformational in indescribable ways. It may be terrifying to experience a love of such magnitude, but you are worthy and deserving of it all.

Motivating Law Of Life

Love recognizes more about us, even the shadows we have attempted to exist in. Our lives are transformed with love. Love’s magical transformation motivates you to be the best possible version of yourself. When you open your heart for love, it will introduce your life to new and undiscovered heights.

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