I recently set a goal of making at least $1000 per month online in extra income. Of course I had to read a few blog posts on how to make $1000 per month online.  And luckily, Secluded Spaces was one of those blogs which brought me so much information. Talk about reading your own content!  If you have been reading the previous posts from the blog, you are aware of the endless online opportunities I have been sharing on making money online.

Now when it comes to money, there isn’t one way of making it. Ever since I started searching for opportunities to make extra income, I have discovered that earning a salary or wages isn’t the only way to earn an income. I am not saying quit your job, I highly recommend that you stay at your workplace. This is not a 9-5 bashing blog, we support hard-working individuals in the corporate world.

The opportunities that scale up to $1000 per month, are just to add to an already existing income. Additional income is necessary, to guide you into a life that isn’t restricted by lack.

So here are the few online opportunities that make me $1000 every month in extra income.


I was on Medium when I first came across an article about Usertesting.  As I previously discussed this platform, is essentially a website where you test prototypes and provide feedback. Based on the time required to test, you get paid $10 per test case which essentially takes less than 10 minutes.

For studies that are 30 minutes or more, you get paid $30 for a 30 minutes feedback session, $60 for a 60-minute feedback session, and $90 for 90 minutes feedback session. Now in order to get more studies, you need to give valuable feedback.


This platform is my absolute favorite. Respondent has a special place in my heart. It was one of the very first online platforms where I received my very first Paypal payment of $140 dollars. Now if you have ever just received any amount of money outside your normal paycheck, you will understand the excitement.

Respondent provides studies in different fields, and all they are looking for is someone knowledgeable in certain areas. This could be in work, business, or life in general. Studies pay up to $300.


Okay, Studypool is an online tutoring platform where you help students with assignments. You choose the subjects you would like to help students with, based on your subject expertise. My focus on this platform is programming, sometimes I do take writing assignments.

The best part about studypool is that you get tips from students if you provide them with good solutions. I was up in excitement when I received a $15 tip. You are probably rolling your eyes at the $15 excitement, but it was exciting for me to randomly get money on top of $85 for the question I had answered.


Similar to UserTesting, you are offered opportunities to test projects that are yet to be released. If you are a QA specialist, you will find this platform very useful and profitable. Test cases range from $10 all the way to $100. Unlike Usertesting where you are expected to provide verbal feedback, UTest provides you with a documented test case. All instructions are provided for you to follow, and you get rewarded for raising bugs that might have been missed.


My other favorite side hustle. With Userinterviews, the rewards are in gift cards. You are rewarded for providing feedback with Amazon gift cards. Now think about all the shopping you can get up to with a $200 gift card!

All the side hustles I have mentioned pay through Paypal with the exception of Studypool. Studypool pays through Paypal and Payoneer. So if the thought of Paypal doesn’t sit well with you, you have the option to receive all your earnings through Payoneer.

Earning money online requires dedication and a lot of focus. But you can do it! Check out other side hustles here to increase your earnings.