Anyone who starts working online will tell you how it can be daunting to just make $100. Once you cross that mark, you set your goals even higher. So if you have crossed that $100 mark, here’s how to make $500 in one week.

How to make $500 in one week.

I hardly work on Sundays, but when my laptop notified me of a test case on Playbook, I knew it was going to be a productive week. So I jumped out of bed from my relaxation state, to attend to the beeping sound. And I immediately started testing for 10 minutes and got my $10 reward. Everyone who works online will tell you how quiet it is over the weekends.  So I was surprised too.

But that’s not the juicy part of it, while  I was way in too deep I decided to try one side hustle I stumbled upon Medium. And the reward of it was incredible.  A few weeks ago while I was on my morning routine, which includes reading endless articles on Medium, I came across a research company that pays people for their opinions. And this became an additional side hustle to my other online side hustles. I registered on User Research international. I immediately got invited for a research study which paid a whopping $190.

As someone who is always excited to make use of the daily screeners on Respondent. I found myself invited to two studies which were both paying a total of $275. If you haven’t heard about Respondent, you can read more about it here.

As the week progressed, UserTesting invited me for two studies which were paid a total of $90. Now you can see I have already crossed the $500 mark. But that’s not all, you can still make more than $500 online just on these mentioned platforms.

It takes a great amount of work and patience. Once you get the hang of it, you will realize how easy it is to make money online.

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