I appreciate paid surveys, although some of them can be rather frustrating with the long duration and endless questions. With that in mind, the question comes, which paying survey site is the best. And per experience, I have compiled some of the best paying survey sites which in my books have been the best.

Target Audience

This blog post is for people who have already started taking surveys, and simply just looking for better options. If you are new to surveys, it’s best to create a Paypal account before beginning to add your information to survey sites. Although survey sites have different options for point redemption, I prefer Paypal because I love money. I am guessing you’re reading this blog post because you love money, if you don’t oops.

User Research international

Surveys on this platform pay from $15 to $25 based on the time required. Usually, the surveys last for about 20 minutes. You get notified of the expected duration of the survey, and here is the best part, you can take a break when you feel tired. Ehh you know those survey sites that automatically reject you while you take a breather? Not on this platform.  You can sign up on User Research International here.

This platform is not only focused on conducting surveys, they have focus groups too. For focus groups, you get paid to give feedback on different topics. If you are in tech you will benefit greatly from studies paying  $166 all the way to $561. Payment is via Tremendous gift card which you can redeem for cash via PayPal or a virtual Visa Gift card.


Surveytime becomes interesting in that as soon as you complete the survey, the money is credited to your payment choice. For each survey you complete successfully, you receive a reward of $1 which is immediately credited to your payment choice. Paypal has been the most efficient payment choice. I know $1 sounds like it’s not a lot, but it adds up. You can sign up to become a member of Surveytime here.


I have not been a faithful member of prizerebel but I have registered on the platform already. So while my profile sits there doing nothing, after writing this blog post I will head over to see what’s happening.PrizeRebel rewards its members on a point-based system. 500 points earn you a $5 Paypal redemption, so you have to take as many surveys as you possibly can. Sign up here  and start taking surveys

 e-Research Global

Now, this is my favorite platform. Although there are large chances of having your survey terminated, the payment is far better. e-Research global has surveys ranging from $0.75 up to $5.50 which gets paid a couple of hours upon successful completion. To sign up, you can register your profile here.

Toluna Influencers

I recently joined Toluna, and I have 800 points already. I have a long journey to go. Rewards are structured in gift cards and one mobile recharge gift card. On this platform, you need to earn 20 000 to get a 100 ZAR gift card for Woolworths or Superbalist. 25 000 points earn you a 100 ZAR   PayPal gift card which is at the moment equivalent to $6,49. To join Toluna, you need to sign up and update your profile with as much information as possible. You can sign up here.

Although paid surveys won’t make you a millionaire or replace your main income, they can supplement your existing income. So sign up and start earning.  If you would like to earn more, find out how I make $500 per week in extra income here.

If you would like to start a blog in which you can earn passive income, read more about how to start a blog here.

Until next time, take good care of yourself.