All the hype around menstrual panties has left us with so many questions. Can you wear pads with period panties? How do you know when it’s time to erhhhh, you know, change? Would you get away with wearing menstrual panties with at least a tampon? Well, that’s what we are about to find out, together.


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One of the exciting parts of life is discovering things and having the opportunity to try them out. This is the reason why I am buying the 3 pieces of menstrual panties to experiment for myself. While this may be a great challenge to do, I will try it with a tampon just to be safe.

The reason for this is that I read another blogger’s experience with wearing them overnight and waking up with a leak. Now thanks to this information that I now know I need to try it with a tampon.  Expect another blog post about the outcome.

Absorbent Level

Research and tried experiments have indicated that the panties are absorbent for up to 12 hours. While you may not wear the panty for more than 12 hours, it’s always a good idea to aim for a couple of hours. Menstrual panties apparently will signal the maximum level of absorption by being wet. So if it gets to that point, you need to change it. That’s if you have worn it on its own of course.

My level of overthinking will not let me wear a menstrual panty without a tampon. Although they promise 12 hours of absorption, the flow of your period may not put up with it. We don’t want to end up with that errh leak, so risk menstrual panties with a tampon at least.

You can buy menstrual panties from our shop, that’s where I am getting a pack for my trial. Try out and let me know in the comments how it goes. I will be back with an update on how my own trial goes.

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