The world is open for some of us who are constantly fighting the urge of remaining in one place. Therefore bags are packed, tickets purchased, accommodation booked, and of course, we have packed essential travel equipment. Now, all we need to do is go out there, meet new people, eat food and dance our troubles away.

Of course, the travel equipment I am about to mention here is not your camera haha, as long as you have your iPhone you should be sorted. But if you do feel the need to get a camera, you can start off with the Nikon D3500.Amazon is the best place to shop for a camera, if your budget is low you can settle for a secondhand.

Essential Travel Equipment

Power bank

What you should try to avoid in a foreign country, is a flat battery. Under all circumstances, your battery should always be charged. So a power bank is one essential you should have in your boarding bag. And I am not talking about one power bank, since I am an extremist I pack three power banks. They always come in handy. Check out some power banks for both your phone and laptop at our shop.

Mini Portable 4G WiFi Router


You may be wondering why I am recommending the wifi router. But you can never be over-prepared, so having a wifi router is something of essence. You can purchase a local sim card to get you going. On those remote trips where you are away from the hotel, or coffee shops for free wifi, wouldn’t it be nice to have a reliable wifi device? Now get yourself on board, and add this wifi router to your cart.


Portable Door Lock

Everyone knows of recent stories about unauthorized entries in hotel rooms while you’re on vacation. We all know the main problematic gender to women’s safety. If you plan to embark on solo vacations and you’re a woman, try to get yourself an extra door lock. It’s not being paranoid, it’s for your own safety. Before you lock it, make sure there isn’t an intruder in your room. Keep safe, lots of love from here and I hope you enjoy your solo vacation! You deserve it.

Automatic Ceramic LED Hair Curler

For a change in your hairstyle, you may want to create stunning curls. This automatic ceramic LED hair curler belongs in your luggage bag. Switch things up on vacation, you’re beautiful and that’s a fact! You can buy this automatic curler from our shop.


Although some places may be restrictive towards drones, it’s never a bad idea to travel with one. Just make sure you familiarise yourself with the rules of the vacation place you’re traveling to. We don’t want you to catch a case with law enforcement. If you are unfamiliar with using a drone, check out some YouTube videos for lessons.

Noise Cancelling Headsets

For days when you’re not outside exploring the new city, you may want to tune into some music or meditate. In some cases, you might be trying to prevent yourself from listening to the category of individuals who are loud everywhere or better yet take important calls (which I do not recommend while you’re on vacation)

Airline Earplugs

If you are a light sleeper,  you might struggle to get some sleep on your long flight. Now to avoid Jet Lag, buy ear plugs so you can minimize the sounds in the cabin.

If you enjoyed reading this, you can read more about how to finance your next vacation with these online income streams that can earn you up to $1000 per month. I hope you enjoy your travel, until next time, take care of yourself.