Making money with online side hustles is such a fun activity for me. I would like to believe that I have discovered my passion, and that’s making money. A lot of people describe their passions as something that doesn’t exhaust them, and for me, the same feeling goes for money. I become super excited when I think of ways to make money, particularly online.

The past months have been about reaching that first milestone of making $1000 online. Anyone who has worked online will tell you how hard it can be to get to your first $1000. But does it mean it’s impossible? Absolutely not! This is why I am blogging about my experience. I have already reached the $1000 mark, now in June, I scaled close to $2000.

Although I have been rather exhausted and doing my best to rest, I managed to reach $1912. And here’s how I managed to make this money with just online side hustles. This income doesn’t include any of my online businesses or income from my 9-5.  It’s just money from different platforms. So here is the breakdown of the platforms I used to make this amount, including the income proof.

Online Side Hustles


If you have been a member of this blog, you know the number of times I have blogged about Respondent. Respondent is a focus group platform where you get paid for your opinion on different subject matters. As someone who is in the technology field, I often get accepted for studies related to software development, application support, and DevOps. On Respondent alone, I made $500. But of course, Respondent takes 5% from the earnings. There is a payment that is still outstanding for $125 at the time of publishing this post.

User Research International







User Research International is similar to Respondent except they don’t take any percentage from your earnings. As you can see from my pic collage, I earned $265 in June. This platform offers a chance to provide input on different subject matters including surveys which pay up to $25 depending on the amount of time required to complete. As you can see, the $15 and $20 are all survey income that took less than 20 minutes to complete. For more details on how to join user research international, check out my previous post here.


I blogged about Dscout a while ago. I came across the platform on YouTube when I was busy searching for ways to make money online. Well if you are wondering what Dscout is about, you can read more about it here. I managed to make $200 from this platform. I will be continuing to apply for studies as they become available.


Usertesting has become a favorite platform for me, the tests are always well organized and it is super fast to complete. Test cases that pay $10, usually last at most 15 minutes. The  $60 payment is for a feedback session that lasts for about an hour. In total, it came to $144 for June. I’ve been on Usertesting for quite some time now and when I checked my total earning history it amounted to $1695 since I joined in December. You can read more about websites that pay for testing prototypes here.



Although userinterviews largely rewards with gift cards, I included this income as it can stretch further to cover certain expenses. My June income from this platform was in total $325. So far, I have been paid $100 with an Amazon gift card and await the remaining $225. You can join userinterviews here.



Studypool is a tutoring platform where you can help college students with any subject of your choice. I made $174 in total in the month of June. I find the platform to be rather time-consuming so I have decided to create documents and sell them instead of helping students. For each document you upload on Studypool, you earn $10 each time someone reads it. So this sounds more like a passive income idea which I aim to utilize from now on. You can earn more money on the platform if you dedicate enough time to it.

Fiverr Affiliates Program

From the affiliate program I have signed up with Fiverr, I made $180.With affiliate programs, all you do is refer customers to the platform and earn a commission. I have blogged about affiliate programs you can join as a beginner. With this income, I now intend to take all the affiliate programs I have joined seriously. My plan is to report an income of $3000 per month going further.


Bluehost Affiliate Program

The payment is also from one of the affiliate programs that I have joined since I started blogging. This month’s income is $100. The best part about affiliate programs is that it is passive income. You continuously earn and have very little work to do outside promoting your links.



Remotasks managed to frustrate me at an early stage with their complicated training. I was actually quite surprised when an invitation to perform a task for 10 minutes landed in my inbox. So I took my chance, I mean why not. And the task paid $14. Well now that they have actually paid me, I might as well complete the training so I can reach my goal of $3000 per month with online income. Remotask offers an opportunity to perform micro-tasks, which if you are impatient like me, may end up frustrating you. But it is always worth a try.

Playbook UX

Well, similar to user testing, this platform offers the opportunity to test websites. The downside of Playbook is that it has very few opportunities. But if you are fortunate, you may score one or two tests. As you can see, I scored one test for the month of June.


It is possible to make more money with online side hustles. All you have to do is apply and then you get to stand a chance. If you are looking for more opportunities to make money online, check out this side hustle where you can test websites and get rewarded for it.

Good luck in applying for these side hustles or continuing to work on them if you are already part of the community! Till then, keep safe!