We are shopping for some fantastic skin care products. A recent visit to the dermatologist ended with a  recommendation for new products. Now, where can I buy skincare products? I don’t like the idea of heading to the mall lately, so the best place will be Amazon.

A good skincare routine begins with understanding your skin type. A visit to a skin care clinic assists in determining that. While I have combination skin, the products recommended may not work for someone with oily skin. However, there are certain items that are a must-have for glowing and clear skin!


We all know that cleanser that leaves your skin feeling dry, well thanks to Cerave that is not the case. With Cerave hydrating cleanser, you are sure to have well-moisturized skin after cleansing your face. While we want a well-cleansed face, we sure as hell do not want our skin’s natural moisture dried out.



We are trying not to break the bank with skin care. That is why this $3 moisturizer is the most effective and affordable one. The Himalaya nourishing cream smells great. I know fragranced skin care may have some bad PR. The results after applying the cream are that of soft and well-moisturized skin, think baby skin!


Sun Screen

Well well, one needs to investigate properly when it comes to sunscreen. We know the products that leave us, as people of color looking like ashes have been splattered over our faces after applying some sunscreen. Two of the best sunscreens for us people of color include Neutrogena hydro boost and sun bum. There are great benefits to using sunscreens daily such as reduced hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and uneven skin tone.



Serums are largely targeted treatment for problem skin. While I don’t necessarily have skin problems, I use this serum as my nighttime skincare routine. Within a few days of usage, it left my skin looking young and that beautiful glow. You can buy the daytime serum from Revolution skincare.


Good skincare products do not have to be expensive, which is why this entire combination is just under $60. You can use gift cards from surveys or userinterviews to make your purchases.