So you finally passed your test to join UserTesting. The bigger question is does UserTesting really pay? And if they pay, how much can you make on UserTesting?

A year ago I subscribed to Medium and most of my reading was centered around ways to make money online. As I was paging through stories, I came across a story about someone who had been actively working on UserTesting.

That’s how I learned about this awesome platform. And since then, it has been a joy working on UserTesting, and lately, I’ve been making approximately $400 per month.

Well, as someone who has been on the platform for about a year now and has a very high rating, I can tell you now that how much you make on UserTesting entirely depends on the availability of tests and whether you qualify to participate or not.

I have seen quite a number of videos that promise a certain amount as though it is guaranteed that you can earn it but it’s for the algorithm and if you have been on the platform you will know.

Although UserTesting is a great platform for earning some extra cash, their tests are structured based on location, profession, membership, or any other requirements the researchers would be looking for.

You might find five or even ten tests that you may not be accepted into due to the answers you provide and the requirements that the researcher has set. And this says nothing about you, so you don’t give up at any point.

Now I have listened to people moan about how they tried to apply for one test and got rejected and then suddenly they carry over assumptions that they are not getting any tests, but how do you say that when you’ve only done one screening?

Now let’s get to the important part about how much you can make on UserTesting. I will use results for three months, which will indicate the average you can get from the platform which is also based on the availability of tests and the ones you qualify for.

For the month of June

June would count as one of the quietest months on UserTesting so my total earnings for this month were just $150.

For the month of August

August income from UserTesting came up to $224. Things were starting to pick up a little bit. And this was also a memorable month for me as I scored my first ever $90 on this platform.


For the month of September

September was rather a busy month, and it scaled up to $408. Notice the difference in how much one can earn on this platform. I sometimes miss tests due to other commitments of course, but with these amounts, one can really notice the influencing factors which are the availability of tests, and whether or not you meet the researcher’s requirements.


Notice that August and September were good months and the tests’ availability was fairly higher. You shouldn’t consider quitting your job for UserTesting, but adding on your existing income can be something to consider.

What largely contributes to high earnings is the live conversations where you give feedback on different topics based on the requirements set out by researchers. As someone who’s in tech, a lot of the live conversations I qualify for are mostly tech-related conversations.

To do well on the platform, you must keep the UserTesting tab open. Each time there’s a new test, you will hear a sound alerting you. That “ ding “ sound lets you know that a new test is available and that’s when you complete the screening and see if you qualify.

If you do qualify, depending on the test type, you can start testing immediately or provide your availability if it’s a live conversation. Live conversations pay between $30 and $90 depending on the length of the conversation.

Payments on UserTesting are processed 7 days after the test. So basically if you perform a test on a Thursday, you get paid the following week’s Thursday. Payments for these tests is largely dependent on the duration.

Tests that have a duration of 10 minutes, will have a reward of $10 and the ones with more than an hour usually reward testers with $90.  Anything above 30 minutes is often planned as a live conversation where you select the time to join based on your availability.

If you select a time slot and do not show up, you will earn a 1-star rating and that is not good for your profile. What I like about this platform is that once you’re in, and you do a great job, you will always have access to money since they pay every other day. Once you start getting paid, it continues like that for the tests you perform.

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