A year ago, I began searching for additional ways to generate income. Blogging was always a part of the income streams one could add. Honestly, I had no clue how a website could generate all these big figures I was seeing online.

That didn’t stop me from trying for myself, which ended up with this lovely blog being created. And it has since become one of the best decisions I made. I feel nothing but pure love and excitement whenever I peep at this blog, even when it’s just browsing and doing nothing at all.

Throughout the months, I have become a witness to this blog’s growth and it has been wonderful to evaluate the progress from when I started to how things have drastically improved since then. Of course, it takes some time to earn money through blogging.

Earning Income Through Sales

I began selling items in my shop, and I wasn’t really prepared for the outcome. While I checked my sales, it turned out I  was sitting at $5227. This has been a consistent income for the past few months which has kept me so busy.

I went on for about three months without a single sale but when the sales began coming in, they made a whopping $5000, and here is the proof :



When the sales weren’t coming in, I evaluated my strategy and realized I put my items online and hoped for the best. If you have spent enough time with me, you have probably heard me saying hope is not a strategy a couple of times. Except I wasn’t following my own words.

So I had to switch my strategy from hope to action. That’s when I researched ways to promote products in my shop and I discovered multiple ways to promote products. The two strategies that have been delivering results have been using my favorite social engine Pinterest and blog posts.

  • Pinterest

With Pinterest, I just take pictures of the items I am selling and promote them using links that return back to the blog’s shop. This not only brings in sales but increases the blog’s traffic as well. More traffic on the blog means more revenue on the Adsense side.

  • Blog Posts

I use answerthepublic to research topics alongside what I am selling to find out what the general public is searching for on the search engine. Once I find an interesting topic related to what I am selling, I then blog about it and plug in my items from the shop.

For example, if you check out my travel blog post, most items are sold on this blog. And if I do add other items, it is generally items from Amazon and I am a member of the Amazon associate as well.

If you notice, I already have mentioned two additional income streams from this blog but I didn’t include the revenue since this is mostly about sales. Adsense and Amazon associate are additional income streams for the blog.

So in essence, with a blog, you stand to make money from multiple streams which can include affiliate marketing and displaying ads.

The best part about promoting your items on large platforms such as Pinterest and google is that you sell to the entire world. A large portion of my customers are based in Canada, shout out to them for such massive support on my blog.

If you have been on the fence about starting a blog, you are right on time, and here’s my step-by-step guide on how you can do it. I have shared ways you can generate income blogging here.

Sidenote: Blogging to a point of earning money takes time, so this is a journey that isn’t an overnight success.