To enter Tbilisi Georgia, visitors from many countries, including the United States and Canada, need a valid passport and a visa. Some European countries do not require a visa for stays of up to 90 days. If you are planning to stay for more than 90 days, you will need to obtain a residence permit. For the most up-to-date visa information, we recommend that you contact your nearest Georgian embassy or consulate.

Visa and Passport Requirements

Unfortunately, some travelers to Georgia must obtain a visa prior to arrival unless they are citizens of a visa-exempt country

Visa Exempt Countries

The following citizens can enter Georgia without a visa and stay up to 360 days

  • Citizens of EU and Schengen member states
  • Citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates
  • Citizens of South Africa

Visa on Arrival

Citizens of the following countries can obtain a visa on arrival and stay up to 90 days

Albania, Andorra, Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Grenada, Guyana, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent & Grenadines, San Marino, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, South Korea, Suriname, Switzerland, Taiwan (ROC), Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States, and Vatican City

You will also need:
– a valid passport (with at least 6 months validity beyond stay)
– a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard) to pay for the visa
– a valid return or onward flight ticket
 sufficient funds to cover the duration of stay


Is Tbilisi Georgia Safe?

Tbilisi is generally considered a safe-haven city. While petty crime, like purse snatching and pickpocketing, can be a problem, more serious crime is generally rare.

By all means, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and take standard safety precautions, such as avoiding dark alleyways and being conscious of who is around you, and you should be fine.

It is also wise to leave your valuables at home when possible and to avoid showing off expensive jewellery and watches.

Is Tbilisi Worth Visiting?

Tbilisi is definitely worth visiting. The capital of Georgia is a charming city with a rich history and many interesting attractions that make it a great destination for tourists.

Visitors can explore the old town and its many attractions, such as ancient churches, traditional markets, and cobblestone streets. Other attractions include the Narikala Fortress, the State Museum of Georgia, and the National Botanical Gardens.

For a dose of modern culture, you can visit Tbilisi’s vibrant arts and culture scene, including galleries, live music venues, and Georgia’s thriving fashion industry.

How To Get To Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and is located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It can be reached by several methods of transportation, including air, train, bus, and car.

By Air: Tbilisi International Airport, also known as Novo Alexeyevka Airport, is the main airport serving Tbilisi. There are regular flights to and from other major cities in Georgia and across Europe, the Middle East, and Russia.

By Train: Tbilisi has direct train links to Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Russia. There are also services to Kars, Georgia, as well as other destinations in Georgia and across the region

By Bus: Tbilisi has an extensive network of intercity buses that link the city to many destinations across Georgia and the region

By Car: Tbilisi can be easily reached by car. The city is a major transit hub in the region and is connected to neighboring countries by several major highways.

How To Fly To Tbilisi Georgia

  1. Fly to Tbilisi International Airport (TBS): Tbilisi International Airport (TBS) is the main airport in the country of Georgia. It is located 15 kilometers from Tbilisi’s city center and offers both domestic and international flights.
  2. Book a Flight: You can search for flights to Tbilisi International Airport (TBS) from various airlines including Air Baltic, Turkish Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines, Azerbaijan Airlines, and Lufthansa. Prices vary depending on the airline and the availability of tickets.
  3. For more information on flights to Tbilisi please visit the official website of Tbilisi International Airport (TBS).

Visa Requirements: All visitors to Georgia must have a valid visa or equivalent. Visas can be obtained from an embassy or consulate in your home country. Please note that the information is subject to change, so it is essential to check with the relevant authorities before traveling

Other Useful Information: You can rent a car in Tbilisi and explore the city at your own pace. Taxis are also available, as well as public transport. Tbilisi has a wide range of shopping and dining options, as well as cultural and religious sites.

Tbilisi Car Rental

There are several car rental companies in Tbilisi, including BudgetAvis, Europcar, SIXT, and Hertz. Each of these companies offers competitive rates, various types of vehicles, and insurance for renters. Prices vary depending on the type of vehicle, length of the rental period, and other factors.

Things To Do In Tbilisi

  1. Visit Old Town – Tbilisi’s Old Town is an ancient collection of winding streets and courtyards, with a mix of cultural influences and some stunning architecture, including The Anchiskhati Church, The Metekhi Temple, and the Sulphur Baths.
  2. Visit the National Museum of Georgia – Many of the country’s ancient artifacts are stored here, including a gold treasure from the time of King Vakhtang Gorgasali.
  3. Take a Cable Car Ride to Mtatsminda Park – This popular amusement park is located on top of Mtatsminda Mountain and boasts stunning views of the city.
  4. The cable car ride to get here takes about 10 minutes, and the park itself has a variety of rides and attractions, including a roller coaster, a Ferris wheel, and a water park.

Go to the Rike Park – This modern park features green gardens, a fountain, a pond, and a variety of interesting sculptures

Explore Karvasla Museum – This contemporary art museum is located in a converted 19th-century wine cellar. It displays modern art from Georgia and other parts of the world

Visit the Sioni Cathedral – This impressive 12th-century church is located in the center of the city and is one of the most important religious monuments in Georgia

Visit Vake Park – Located in the western part of the city, Vake Park features walking paths, fountains, sculptures, and statues

Go-Wine Tasting – Georgia is famous for its wine production, so be sure to try some of the local vintages. There are several wine-tasting tours available, or you can visit one of the many wineries located around the city

Check Out the Waterfall and Valley – Located in one of Tbilisi’s hidden valleys, it’s easy to miss this stunning waterfall and its surrounding area. The beautiful natural scenery makes it worth a visit.

Do’s and Don’ts in Georgia Tbilisi


1 . Explore the city’s sights, like the bridges, the Funicular, and the Narikala Fortress.

2 . Spend time in the markets and sample the delicious Georgian cuisine.

3 . Take a stroll along the streets, pass by some of the old churches and sample some of the local delicacies.

4. Visit the Balneological Park and take in the stunning views of the city.

5 . Take a walk down Rustaveli Avenue and enjoy the charming atmosphere of the pedestrian-only area


1. Do not take photographs of government buildings.

2. Do not take photos of government officials or military personnel.

3. Do not take photographs of people without asking permission first.

4. Do not wear revealing clothing in public areas, such as churches and temples.

5. Do not take pictures of religious symbols without permission.

6. Avoid crossing the street outside designated crossing areas.

7 . Do not drink tap water.

8. Do not take pictures of people during funerals or other similar events.

Tbilisi Nearby Cities

The nearby cities of Tbilisi are

  1. Rustavi
  2. Gori
  3. Mtskheta
  4. Telavi
  5. Zugdidi
  6. Kutaisi
  7. Batumi
  8. Kvareli
  9. Poti
  10. Ozurgeti

Tbilisi All You Can Eat

Tbilisi has many places where you can get all-you-can-eat meals. Some places that offer all-you-can-eat meals in Tbilisi include:

  • Restaurant Parnas – this restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat Georgian-style buffet for a flat rate.
  • Carpaccio Restaurant – this restaurant offers a variety of Italian-style dishes served in all-you-can-eat portions.
  • McDonald’s – this international fast-food chain offers an all-you-can-eat special for a set price.

Korean House – this Korean-style restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat buffet with a variety of dishes from the region.

Kafe Khinkali – this Georgian-style restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat buffet with various traditional dishes.

Georgian Cuisine

Georgian cuisine is a unique blend of cultural influences and ingredients that have been honed over thousands of years of history. It is one of the most distinctive cuisines of the Caucasus. Its flavors are bold and varied and have influences from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Russia.

Central to Georgian cuisine is the use of fresh seasonal ingredients and special spices, herbs, and seasonings. Common ingredients include walnuts, garlic, coriander, pepper, dill, cilantro, and parsley, as well as various types of fresh and dried fruits, nuts, grains, and legumes.

Equally important are meat dishes which are also common, especially beef, pork, and chicken. Furthermore, fish and seafood are also popular staples.

However, Traditional Georgian dishes often include cheese, khachapuri (a cheesy bread dish), and khinkali (a dumpling), as well as a variety of starters, soups, and salads.

Additionally, bread and bakery goods are also famous. Desserts typically feature fresh fruit, nuts, and honey. Popular drinks include Georgian wine and beers, as well as herbal teas.

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