There isn’t one way of making money online and that is perhaps one of the most exciting parts about it. Can you make $3000 per month online? Absolutely!


Over the recent years, technology has introduced the world to a different side of money making. As we all knew, it was as though there was only one way to make money which included a job and getting paid once every month.

But this has changed over the years, with society now figuring out that there isn’t one way to make money but multiple ways of doing so.

The Mindset To Make Money Online

With online jobs, you have to let go of the idea of having one stream of income. You have to change your mindset, and accept that you will be on different platforms making money. There isn’t one way, but multiple ways to explore income streams.

Ways to make $3000 per month online

It may sound like something that is impossible but if all these options are explored, you can look at your pocket at the end of the month and see a very beautiful $3000 in your pocket

Test Websites.

Here’s how you can earn money testing websites. As a user, companies rely on your feedback on the usability of their newly developed websites. The best part is the compensation you receive for your valued opinion.

To get set and ready, all you need to do is sign up using your email address. Upon confirming your email address, you write a fairly easy test. The test is around the work you do. Testing includes voicing out your thoughts out loud on the usability of any prototype.


All you have to do is set up your profile as a tester. They provide you with a sample video to guide you on what they expect on your first test. Once you complete the test, you receive feedback on the outcome of your testing. If everything went well, you begin your testing journey. The minimum payment is $10 per test which is paid via Paypal. You can set up your profile here.

A year ago I subscribed to Medium and most of my reading was centered around ways to make money online. As I was paging through stories, I came across a story about someone who had been actively working on UserTesting.

That’s how I learned about this awesome platform. And since then, it has been a joy working on UserTesting, and lately, I’ve been making approximately $400 per month.

Well, as someone who has been on the platform for about a year now and has a very high rating, I can tell you now that how much you make on UserTesting entirely depends on the availability of tests and whether you qualify to participate or not.


Luckily there is no need to write a test on this platform, all you do is set up your profile. Test cycles are normally per invitation based on the information you provide. There is training for new testers that you need to complete in order to receive a good rating.

Sometimes projects are listed on a dashboard, so if you feel you qualify for one of them you complete a questionnaire. Payment is via Paypal and you get compensated based on the number of test cases you complete. Set up your profile here and begin earning money.


You get paid to perform a list of tasks such as testing new apps, websites, and even watching videos. Payment is from $10 all the way to $90 based on the task at hand. To start your journey, sign up here and get started.


Although payment is lower than the other sites, you can still sign up for additional cash. Their tests pay $5 via Paypal. You are required to write a test. where you are required to speak your thoughts out loud. Once you pass the test, you then become eligible for new tests and start earning. Sign up for your profile here.


Sign up here to get started. Like the rest of the websites, you get paid for providing feedback on newly developed websites via Paypal. You have to complete a test. Don’t worry if you don’t pass it the first time, you always have a chance to try again.


All you need to do is set up your profile here and wait to be invited for a study. Studies on hellopingpong are per invitation so set up that profile and wait for an invitation in your mailbox. Payment is via Paypal and you can earn between 10-100 Euros per session that you complete.


You are required to write a test and once you pass, you begin testing. The amount of remuneration depends on the type of project, it can range from €2 to more than €50. To ensure maximum security, payments are made via Paypal (if you do not have an account, you can create one here). Payment is received on Fridays, 3 weeks after the completion of the project. To get started, set up an account here.


Similar to the other sites, set up a profile and write a test. Payment is between $15-30 dollars per test. You have a chance to retake the test if you don’t pass the first time. Sign up here and start making money.


All you have to do is register here and once there is a study that matches your profile, you will receive an invitation via mail. Payment ranges from $10 to $20 based on the complexity of the study. You can choose to receive payment through amazon gift cards or via Paypal. I highly recommend Paypal unless you want to buy something from Amazon.


You will begin by signing up here. The next step is to write a test. Once you pass the test, you receive invitations to participate in tests. You can easily earn $5 to $10 for spending 15-20 minutes on your computer/mobile phone.

You can sign up on all the websites listed and start earning money.

Participate in focus groups


If you have been a member of this blog, you know the number of times I have blogged about RespondentRespondent is a focus group platform where you get paid for your opinion on different subject matters. As someone who is in the technology field, I often get accepted for studies related to software development, application support, and DevOps. On Respondent alone, I made $500. But of course, Respondent takes 5% of the earnings. There is a payment that is still outstanding for $125 at the time of publishing this post.

User Research International







User Research International is similar to Respondent except they don’t take any percentage from your earnings. As you can see from my pic collage, I earned $265 in June.

This platform offers a chance to provide input on different subject matters including surveys which pay up to $25 depending on the amount of time required to complete.

As you can see, the $15 and $20 are all survey income that took less than 20 minutes to complete. For more details on how to join user research international, check out my previous post here.


I blogged about Dscout a while ago. I came across the platform on YouTube when I was busy searching for ways to make money online. Well if you are wondering what Dscout is about, you can read more about it here.

I managed to make $200 from this platform. I will be continuing to apply for studies as they become available.




Although userinterviews largely rewards with gift cards, I included this income as it can stretch further to cover certain expenses.

My June income from this platform was in total $325. So far, I have been paid $100 with an Amazon gift card and await the remaining $225. You can join userinterviews here.

Take Paid Surveys

I appreciate paid surveys, although some of them can be rather frustrating with the long duration and endless questions. With that in mind, the question comes, which paying survey site is the best? And per experience, I have compiled some of the best-paying survey sites which in my books have been the best.

Surveytime becomes interesting in that as soon as you complete the survey, the money is credited to your payment choice. For each survey you complete successfully, you receive a reward of $1 which is immediately credited to your payment choice.

Paypal has been the most efficient payment choice. I know $1 sounds like it’s not a lot, but it adds up. You can sign up to become a member of Surveytime here.


I have not been a faithful member of prizerebel but I have registered on the platform already. So while my profile sits there doing nothing, after writing this blog post I will head over to see what’s happening.

PrizeRebel rewards its members on a point-based system. 500 points earn you a $5 Paypal redemption, so you have to take as many surveys as you possibly can. Sign up here  and start taking surveys

 e-Research Global

Now, this is my favorite platform. Although there are large chances of having your survey terminated, the payment is far better. e-Research global has surveys ranging from $0.75 up to $5.50 which gets paid a couple of hours upon successful completion. To sign up, you can register your profile here.

Toluna Influencers

I recently joined Toluna, and I have 800 points already. I have a long journey to go. Rewards are structured in gift cards and one mobile recharge gift card. On this platform, you need to earn 20 000 to get a 100 ZAR gift card for Woolworths or Superbalist.

25 000 points earn you a 100 ZAR   PayPal gift card which is at the moment equivalent to $6,49. To join Toluna, you need to sign up and update your profile with as much information as possible. You can sign up here.

Although paid surveys won’t make you a millionaire or replace your main income, they can supplement your existing income. So sign up and start earning.  If you would like to earn more, find out how I make $500 per week in extra income here.

Teach English Online

You can submit your profile on these platforms.


All you have to do is register your profile on VIPKid, and wait for a confirmation email. They usually get back to you after a day or two with more instructions.

You will then do a demo lesson, showcasing how you teach. The next step will be training for a certificate and then if all goes well, you will sign a contract.


This online platform allows you to teach English to people of all ages from all over the world. You set your hourly rate. Payment is via PayPal.You are provided with training after getting accepted. Students find your profile.

You can also regularly check the dashboard to find students’ requests. You can start by setting up your profile here


Similar to all other platforms, you have to set up a profile and wait to be approved. You can start setting up your profile here. Upon approval, you can start working immediately and set up your hourly rate.


As a first step, you need to check if the language you plan on teaching is open on the provided list. English is always open so you can go right ahead and set up your profile here.

Once approved, you can begin teaching students. The best part about teaching online is that you set your hours and get to meet people from different parts of the world while earning an income.

It seems the majority of countries are catching up to the idea of remote online jobs as well. Here is a link to countries that offer visas for remote online jobs workers.

Now how to find remote online jobs? It starts with sending out that resume to the right sites. I will make a list with all the links and you can choose.

Apply for Online Remote Jobs

Virtual Vocations 
Remote. co
SkiptheDrive .com
remotehunt .com
Authenticjobs .com. (Developers, IT-Related jobs )
Dribbble .com(graphic designers)
Textbroker .com( Writers , Authors) (Audio/video transcribers) microtasks )
Karat (Interview Engineers, this is specifically for Software developers )
Bayt (Any job search in Dubai )
English Tutoring

Get Paid To Write


Focused on publishing articles daily to its readers, Medium is one of the biggest writing platforms where you can earn up to a minimum of $100 daily based on the readership of your article.

The minimum requirement to be considered for the paid program is to have at least 100 followers on the platform.

Although it sounds like a challenge to have such a huge following in a short period, you can actually do it.  The company pays through bank transfers and Skrill.  If you haven’t created an account yet, start today.

Livingston Research

If you are good at academic writing, you will be pleased to know that there are companies willing to pay you for your service. Livingston Research pays you for your writing skills. The best part is that you get to schedule your own time and decide when to work.

If freelance writing is your thing, then hop on board and join this amazing company and earn up to $800 per month. You will first write a test, as part of the selection process and if all goes well, you will be able to join their platform.


You can become an academic writer or write for bloggers, you may be wondering how that works. Bloggers are very busy people and sometimes cannot get to some simple tasks such as writing due to certain commitments.

So they are always in need of someone to handle the writing part of the business. If you are good at what you do, you may find yourself with returning clients.

On Fiverr, you set your own price with some experienced writers charging $20 per 500-word count article or even more.

And if you are a qualified freelancer, you can list pro-verified services, where you may not charge anything less than $100 per project. Remember Fiverr is a big marketplace, with high competition so be sure to be as specific as possible when you list your gig.


Similar to Fiverr, you can list your writing skills on Upwork as a freelancer and start earning some money. It is entirely up to you, how much you can earn. You set up your own rate per hour while setting up your profile. You can also list your services on Freelancer.

Gone are the days when we relied on one stream of income, expand your income by putting your writing skills to good use.

Enjoyed reading this? Read some more on how you can expand your streams of income here or better yet, you can try out teaching English online.

Join Affiliate Programmes

Now you may be wondering, what is affiliate marketing? With affiliate programs, all you are basically doing is promoting someone else’s product and earning a commission through every successful referral.


Bluehost only requires that you own a blog to join their referral program. You earn $65 per qualified referral. On some occasions, where they have a special going on, you can earn $100 per qualified referral.

Bluehost is well known for its hosting services, this is the best platform to begin your blogging journey.  In case you are still on the fence about starting a blog, you can check out how to start a blog here.


Probably one of the best rewarding affiliate programs. You can earn up to $150 per successful referral.  The minimum requirement to become an affiliate is to own a blog and have your referrals purchase products from your blog.

There are so many services you can promote on Fiverr. This is a good option for beginners to start earning money as soon as the blogging journey begins.


Who would we be without Canva? I love this app so much, it has created so many wonderful things for me in life. With all its wonderful benefits, the benefits of using canva and earning money through the process are just somewhat amazing.

For every referral you send to canva, you get a commission from their monthly subscriptions if they opted for the pro version.

Amazon Associate

How cool that you can become partners with Amazon despite your standing in your blogging journey! Although a little strict, Amazon will give a total of 180 days to make a sale through its referral program.

If you haven’t, they will kick you out of the platform. I know it sounds a little tough, but you can make a sale, even a single one, within 180 days.

Although the pay is fairly low, any income is welcome for a new blogger so get on board and start promoting as soon as possible. Recently, the program has expanded to other states as well so it gives you wide access to large marketplaces where you can earn more.

Additional Things You can do :

  • Sell items on Amazon or eBay
  • Become a virtual assistant
  • Start a blog and monetize it
  • Monetize a YouTube channel
  • Offer freelance services on Upwork or Fiverr
  • Become an Airbnb host
  • Become a digital marketer
  • Start a dropshipping business
  • Invest in cryptocurrencies
  • Create an online course
  • Offer website design services
  • Become a proofreader
  • Become a bookkeeper
  • Sell your photography Skills 
  • Sell homemade craft
  • Create an app
  • Sell old books
  • Sell used clothes
  • Become a copywriter
  • Offer pet service
  •  Start a lawn care business
  • Sell prints of your artwork
  • Start a graphic design business
  • Write an e-book
  • Design T-shirt
  • Become a web developer
  • Start a cleaning business
  • Offer consulting services
  • Deliver food with Uber Eats
  • Do property management
  • Start a gift basket business
  • Do proofreading
  • Become a public speaker
  • Become a tutor
  • Participate in online surveys
  • Develop mobile app
  • Rent out extra space
  • Invest in a dividend stock
  • Offer online personal training
  • Become a transcriber
  • Rent out your bicycle
  • Work as a virtual receptionist
  • Sell your used music equipment

Enjoyed reading this, find out other ways of making money online here.